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20140802-125829.jpgYou know you have an awesome, fabuloso friend when she would pick up these snacks for you, cleaning out two checkout lanes at her Trader Joe’s in a city of healthy eaters (and having to face weird stares because she’s buying all these meat stick snacks), because your Trader Joe’s at a less healthy city, sold out of them! HaHa!

Thank you, Sheilani!

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20140719-174237.jpgGrilled Chicken California Bowl from Rubio’s.

20140714-183840.jpgBeef stew with egg noodle soup. Some now, some for later. Yummy!

20140713-095019.jpgThe Kouign Amanns have risen to *hugeness* and ready to bake! Happy morning!


All baked and ready for the tummy! (I had one already! HaHa!) It’s so good! It tastes like the top of a crème brûlée!

20140711-174806.jpgI am super happy for leftovers!!

20140710-214012.jpgI am so happy to have eaten Sichuan food tonight. It is my favorite Chinese-style cuisine. It’s super spicy, but you just want to keep on eating!

Those pieces of red chili peppers? They are like chips to me. So good! 😁

One day, when I visit China and explore… The Sichuan Province will be one of the places where I will have to stay the longest. I can’t wait to go!

I am grateful for family–gathering to celebrate. For shots to loosen the lips, to hear stories (even secret ones) from two of three generations, for yummy food, for fun activities for all three generations (something to do with water guns…), for hours of laughter, and for love, warmth, and compassion for each other.

Breakfast: Panera’s egg white, avocado and spinach breakfast sandwich with sausage patty

Lunch: Snow White Roll (crab and tempura shrimp roll, topped with spicy tuna, albacore slices, tobiko, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce)

20140624-223722.jpgI am grateful for an evening out with great friends, great food, tantalizing conversation, and ice cream for dessert as we strolled off the calories we ate!

20140623-225656.jpgI am truly enamored with Trader Joe’s! I love going in there and trying this and that!

The pictured meat sticks are really yummy, and made without nitrates and nitrites. Trader Joe’s tried the product out a couple of months ago, and were sold out after a few weeks, and then no news about the meat sticks, or if the product was coming back.

But there they were, shelves of meat sticks, along with newly arrived stuff! I was so happy, I almost hugged the Stocker!

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