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imageI am grateful for another yummy birthday dinner. Thank you!

20141001-210927.jpgI am grateful for the dish I love to cook and eat–Sichuan Boiled Fish!

20141001-203932.jpgI am grateful for a new favorite! Spiced Apple Cider Tea by Teavana. So good!

(For 9/30/14)

I am grateful for Spa Day to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After, we all had a late lunch!

Sadly, I forgot my leftovers! 😔

>20140916-214141.jpgI am grateful for this hot pot dinner with the family!


20140903-205248.jpgI am grateful for sushi takeout, grilled shrimp, and grilled sea scallops.

20140805-211955.jpgI haven’t packed yet for my trip, but at least I have my travel snacks figured out! 😁

My priorities are skewed!

20140805-164642.jpgI am grateful for this beautiful and healthy lunch!

Spinach, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and bleu cheese with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

20140804-210611.jpgThere is nothing like congee (rice porridge) to make me feel less under the weather–must be the Chinese side of me.

What kind of dish makes you feel better when feeling sick?

20140803-132523.jpgI am grateful to have treated my cousin (with Toddler, A, and baby, M) and my sister to yummy dim sum. (Alas, the Chinese broccoli didn’t make the collage cut.)

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