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Breakfast: Panera’s egg white, avocado and spinach breakfast sandwich with sausage patty

Lunch: Snow White Roll (crab and tempura shrimp roll, topped with spicy tuna, albacore slices, tobiko, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce)

20140623-225656.jpgI am truly enamored with Trader Joe’s! I love going in there and trying this and that!

The pictured meat sticks are really yummy, and made without nitrates and nitrites. Trader Joe’s tried the product out a couple of months ago, and were sold out after a few weeks, and then no news about the meat sticks, or if the product was coming back.

But there they were, shelves of meat sticks, along with newly arrived stuff! I was so happy, I almost hugged the Stocker!

20140611-220347.jpgHappy and cheap dim sum!

20140603-224202.jpgLunch box with a pan fried lamb loin chop, sauteéd spinach, roasted veggies, and decadent (buttered and creamed!) mashed cauliflower.

#100HappyDays #Lunchbox #Lamb #Roasted Vegetables #Mashed Cauliflower #Spinach #Yum

20140526-232304.jpgSpent a fabulous day with friends!

For mini croissants!

#100HappyDays #Happy, #TraderJoe’s #Minicroissants #Croissants #Breakfast #Yum #Foodie #Food

20140514-203213.jpgJust sharing what a Cruise buffet carver gave to me! So yum!

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