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I am grateful that I have a confidante at work whom I can talk to. Sometimes you just need someone who can just listen and understand.

“I think the person who takes a job in order to live – that is to say, for the money [not for purpose or passion]- has turned himself into a slave.” –Joseph Campbell

20140618-204618.jpgI am grateful and happy for a lunch treat by work friend, PDJ.

I am grateful for so much today. Usually, I choose a highlight or two for my blog, but I wanted to share more.

I am grateful for the contractor who was helping me at work. Today was his last day and he worked with me for over 10 months on the largest and most visible project at work.

My manager took my contractor, another co-worker, and I to lunch today to thank my contractor but also to thank my co-worker and I on all the work we did on the project which is nearing the end (sort of). As the lead on this project for my region, I feel really happy about this, and I am always grateful for free yummy food. 😉

I am grateful for more rain, because we have a drought situation in California. We need it. However, there was a LOT of rain today, so I am equally grateful for my all weather tires that kept me safe on my drive home.

I am grateful to have worked on location today where I could visit an Asian market for a few items.

I am grateful for central heat. I do not want to take warmth for granted.

I just got a text from my mom that her wireless router stopped working. That was a long-lived router as it used to be mine nearly 10 years ago. I am grateful for my working router that enabled me to do a lot of work today, post some stuff on a forum, and later to post this. Looks like I will need to be on hand to set up a new wireless router for her soon. HaHa!

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