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20140105-161703.jpgIt’s Sunday, and I needed it to rest!  I ended up sleeping in, rather than waking up early for a morning walk/run (no training partner this weekend).  I am a bit glad that dinner plans got cancelled, too.  Shh! Don’t let my friend know…

I started prepping some of my meals for the week, including my veggies for my green juice drinks.  If I do not prep them, they don’t end up in the juicer, and then I feel bad having to throw them out for having gone bad.

I also prepped some omelettes with ham, two kinds of soup to get me through this cold week, and some leftovers I have yet to eat.  Sometimes, it’s hard living alone, because even if you buy only a few fresh items of groceries, sometimes they go bad before you can even eat them all.  Eating out is hard too, because sometimes it means leftovers as well.  I have to admit that it’s hard for me to eat the same things several days in a row.

I am grateful though that Sunday was given to me for a truly rest day.  I had some time to read, to cook, watch a funny show, write this post, and time to work on my last Vision Board (which will have some top items from two smaller Vision Boards with other things I would like to accomplish this year).  This last Vision Board will be the “Main Event” one for me.

I hope your Sunday is(was) absolutely fantastic, and you have(had) time to do some things that make your heart happy and soul sing!

I had gone in to a large office supply store to look for a specific kind of journal by Markings that’s small enough to carry with me at all times. I was lucky to find the journal there with different design variations that were cheaper. That’s always a cool find!

I found something cooler! As soon as I saw them, my brain came up with all sorts of creative things to use them for, including my vision boards.

I am grateful for post-its, and even more grateful for gigantor ones!

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