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I am grateful that I am coming to understand myself a whole lot more and I am learning what is really most important in life.

Today brought a lot more introspection with understanding. I woke up to the sun’s rays peeking through the blinds of my bedroom, and my initial feeling was, “it’s going to be a good day.”

I am grateful for this new day–which brought with it plenty of discoveries and wonder. It gave me new perspectives.

This week so far, many things broke–my washer, a friendship, and my laptop. The washer breaking brought with it an opportunity for an upgrade, which I took advantage of. The broken friendship gave me a lesson to help me be a better person, woman, and friend. Although things are still up in the air in regards to the friendship, whether it heals or not, I am glad I learned a valuable lesson to ensure a repeat of that does not occur with others in the future. My laptop has been a hardworking document manager, keeper of secrets, and information gatherer. I took most of it apart and reassembled it, and it seems to be functioning. I will take the opportunity to backup my files, including my most updated bucket list!

I am grateful that from something that is broken can come healing.

I am grateful for my iPhone. It has been my way to write and review my posts in WordPress when my laptop was malfunctioning. I was able to configure my blogsite with it as well, even if it was a little tricky with the smaller screen.

I wish you all a good day/night!

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