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“Everyone is scared of being the one who cares too much, love too much – this is why relationships fall apart.”

How true is this? Love is a gift, but it is also kinda scary.

I, for one, have the capacity to love and care deeply and that is especially scary to me. We need to learn for ourselves how to feel safe and secure to care and love deeply, regardless of the outcome.

To share love is a beautiful gift. To share love unconditionally is the ultimate gift–certainly to the other person, but more so as a gift to our own selves.

It means that our hearts have expanded and we have become aware of love and the connection we all share with each other.

This gift makes us more empathetic, kind, grateful to one another, compassionate, and considerate to one another. We would, in our own way, help make this world a better place not only for ourselves and our loved ones, but for others too. How cool is that?

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20140713-114221.jpgI am watching a movie from Hallmark called “A Very Merry Mix-up,” and the leading man said a cool line…

“Where I come from, love walks through rain.”

It’s lovely. I think love can walk through any storm–whatever the “storm” is in life.

Choose love.

20140702-231600.jpgYou may have read this before on my blog–that I like to pick up a book and open it randomly for guidance.

I picked up The Mastery Of Love by Don Miguel Ruiz and it opened up to the chapter, “The Perfect Relationship.” In it, it said that the right person for you is the one that “wants to go the same direction as you.” It is a person that is “compatible with your views and your values–emotionally, physically, economically, spiritually.”

It also said that sometimes you won’t know who the right person is. That is why you need “to take risks…” Finding love is about taking risks after all…

Don Miguel Ruiz also noted that the right person for you is the one you love just the way they are, and it is lucky when the other person loves you just the way you are too.

Unconditional love. It’s been a very huge lesson for me for a long while now. I’ve been learning it, living it, fighting it, and surrendering to it… With myself and with others. I hope one day, I will be blessed with someone I could truly love just the way they are and I will be blessed also, because he will love me just the way I am.

I am grateful and happy for this wonderful advice.

20140424-064236.jpgThis is the second week of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Finding Your Flow Meditation Experience. Week two focuses on connecting with the seven chakra centers to “build a grounded state of peace and possibility.” Week two will activate what we found within last week.

So far, we have experienced the following meditations (earlier posts below):
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Day 7: Finding Consciousness (Sahasrara Im)
Day 8: Activating Security (Om Dakini Namaha)
Day 9: Activating Happiness (Om Rakini Namaha)
Day 10: Activating Power (Om Lakini Namaha)

Last week, we worked on finding love within. Today, we work on activating that love by working on the heart chakra. This will help in gently breaking down any blocks to love, so that you are more open to experience this beautiful energy, starting from inside you.

I love this from today’s meditation preface: “Love is compassionate and forgiving… it unites even while it celebrates differences. You don’t need to look outside yourself to awaken this love. It is present in your heart chakra, right now and always.”

To reinforce that Deepak shared this from Rumi. “Your task is not to seek for love, but merely to seek and find all the barriers within yourself that you have built against it.”

What powerful messages these are. Personally, I am still working on self-love to make my heart into a “magical kitchen” like what Don Miguel Ruiz wrote in The Mastery of Love. To have such a heart is the ultimate in giving unconditional love not just to those you care for, but for everyone you encounter in this life, and most of all, to give to yourself.

If you think about it…

Who gets more flack from us? We do. We are often much harder on ourselves…

Who needs unconditional love from us the most? We do.

Today’s centering thought is “my life energy is love.”

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Om Kakini Namaha, which means “I activate my love.”

Visit The Chopra Center to sign up for the free 21-day meditation experience.

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I am grateful for meditations on love. Anything to help me keep my heart open and help me love unconditionally and without judgment is always good to try.

The series started two days ago and is supposed to help with the following, according to the series information:

1. To discover what it really means to love without conditions or judgements
2. To reignite the passion with your significant other
3. To redefine the things you think, say and do in your daily interactions with family and friends
4. To identify and appreciate the various ways love reveals itself to you across your life
5. To practice a natural cure for bouts of loneliness or depression
6. To open your heart in ways you never imagined possible

I have just started today and did days 1 and 2. The messages are simple and clear, and the meditation music and Janet’s voice are soothing. Each meditation includes a daily mantra and setting a daily intention. So far so good…

Mentors Channel’s Janet Bray Attwood’s 21 Meditations On Love

handsI received a text today in response to my latest post, “When In Doubt, Follow Your Heart.” It said, “Being in love… Overrated ;-).” To which I replied, “LOL! I figured I’d be more open to it. Haha!”

It took a lot for me to be my authentic self. I fought my way through the emotional baggages, unworthiness, and fear from an abusive relationship in order to get my life and voice back. I looked hard at myself, so I could change and learn to accept and love myself for who and what I am.

Funny that it was so much easier for me to give someone unconditional love, when I was wanting and needing it for myself. Now, I will never be wanting, because now, I love myself.

Last night, a friend told me, “You weren’t ready to give your heart to someone, but now, it feels like you are.” I laughed and said, “you should read the next post I am writing (Day 30/365 post).” I can’t say that I am not scared, because I am, but I also feel excited about it too.

By knowing and loving myself, I now know that only I can love myself the way I need to be loved. Because I love myself, I can love someone wholeheartedly without losing myself. Because I love myself, I will attract the right people to me, and one day, a man is going to knock my socks off (I hope in all ways!), and I will do the same and more (I’m an overachiever)! 😉 He will be my match in every way, and he will be my Spiritual partner as well–someone who will inspire me to be better and I will do the same.

Everything I have learned so far in life has led me to today, this moment. To fully live is to fully love. So… with my open (and better) heart, I look forward to all possibilities coming my way.

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I am grateful to waking up to Katy Perry’s song, “Unconditionally”.

I have been working on the concept of unconditional love for a long time now. Sometimes, maybe as an Aquarian, I think that I could feel this in a universal sense–a lot more than one-to-one.

It came as a surprise to feel this for someone I felt a strong connection with several months ago, but I didn’t really know him much. I had spoken to one of my good friends about it, and she said, “Isn’t this what you feel for us?”

I guess my surprise was in feeling unconditional love for someone because of a strong connection, not because of years of knowing them inside and out.

This song reminded me of how lovely it was that I could feel this way about someone. To me, it means that I have changed and grown. It means that I have learned to see the good in someone, their Spirit or Soul (if you will), and love someone beyond their façade or ego. It means that my capacity to love has gotten even bigger.

I hope one day, a great love will find me, and he would be able to do the same with me.

Here is the chorus of the song, courtesy of Metro Lyrics:
Unconditional, unconditionally
I will love you unconditionally
There is no fear now
Let go and just be free
I will love you unconditionally

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