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Yay! It’s here! My renewed passport is here! Time for new adventures!

imageI requested extra pages, so hopefully I will be able to fill it up!

I am grateful to my dear friend, Geri! She picked me up from the airport, and help me to find witch hazel and caladryl, because I unfortunately received insect bites while running around in the woods in Lily Dale.

(For 8/13/14)

20140814-175020.jpgI didn’t have an assigned seat for my first flight of the day, so I prayed just simply for a good seat.

When I was called, I was just happy to have a boarding pass with an assigned seat number, and I just stashed the boarding pass in my bag, without checking.

When they began the boarding process, that was when I looked at my boarding pass. I was so surprised that I was given a First Class seat. Wow!

The image is my text to my Dad and his response. Isn’t he cute?? 💕

(For 8/12/14)

20140807-183145.jpgI am grateful to Liz of Liz Who Motivates for nominating me for the One Lovely Blog Award. Wow! I am very thankful.

The nomination post can be found here. I will try to complete the acceptance as soon as I can.

OWN and Super Soul Sunday came out with a cool image and I wanted to share!

“To be broken is no reason to see all things as broken.” ~Mark Nepo

Then there is my beautiful and fun luggage and my über protective travel bag that I am grateful for.

20140718-175417.jpgI am grateful and happy to have finally booked my flight, accommodations, and transportation to New York! It has been a most stressful week, and hopefully, the path will be smoother from now on!

Advice: The earlier you book, the cheaper it is!

I write as I am relaxing with a hot foot bath and the Gayatri mantra playing in the background. I have finished packing for my trip!

I did my best to pack light and to take only what I need. I think I am getting better and better at traveling light. Also, being quite a very independent kind of girl, I need to be able to lift and put my carry-on luggage in the overhead compartment, all by myself. So it can’t be that heavy at all or I might hurt myself.

It is a special trip for many reason. This is the first real vacation I will be taking since I got sick 17 months ago. Most of my time off have been to heal. It is also a bucket list trip.

I am grateful for this wonderful opportunity, and that I am 98% healthy to enjoy it (the 2% will heal with time, I know it!) 😊

I can’t wait! I don’t even know if I will be able to sleep. I am just too excited! 😁

Why is it that I feel such a great sense of adventure from knowing that in just a few hours I will be in another country? I feel so… free!

I am grateful that I am healthier and that I could take the trip I couldn’t take nearly a year earlier.

I am grateful to have this blessed opportunity to reunite with my extended family, and to meet the new additions to our clan.

(For 10/24/13)

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