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20140809-075800.jpgI am grateful to be at one of the most Spiritual places in the world, and taking training in a vortex of light. How cool is that?

The energy is different here. Almost like Alaska, with its serene beauty. There is peace, calm, and hum of loving energy.

I almost didn’t make it. My red-eye was delayed in leaving because of a malfunction, and when we arrived, the jetway malfunctioned so I missed my last plane. All flights to my Buffalo were full, and I was wait-listed for the next flight. Without going into detail, it was a lesson for trust for me, but I secured the last seat.

(For 8/8/14)

20140627-194522.jpgI came in very early, when the City by the Bay was just starting to bustle.

20140627-194626.jpgI opted for a window seat at the training center. How do you like the view?

20140627-194641.jpgI walked around at lunch, but couldn’t find my old haunts. It has been some time since I’ve strolled down Market St. I decided to pick up a quick lunch at a deli.

It was a great day, today, and not so cold at all. I was grateful to be in San Francisco and to have had some face to face time with work friends.

20140610-225858.jpgI finished my second day of training for advanced Excel. I still have one more day of training left, but it won’t be until near the end of the month.

The training so far were about 80% refresher, but I am grateful for the 20% that I didn’t know about! So cool!

Cartoon by Mark Anderson (

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