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20140802-125829.jpgYou know you have an awesome, fabuloso friend when she would pick up these snacks for you, cleaning out two checkout lanes at her Trader Joe’s in a city of healthy eaters (and having to face weird stares because she’s buying all these meat stick snacks), because your Trader Joe’s at a less healthy city, sold out of them! HaHa!

Thank you, Sheilani!

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20140713-095019.jpgThe Kouign Amanns have risen to *hugeness* and ready to bake! Happy morning!


All baked and ready for the tummy! (I had one already! HaHa!) It’s so good! It tastes like the top of a crème brûlée!

20140625-220829.jpgUnique, cool stuff is like candy to an Aquarian like me, so Coconut Flour and Coconut Sugar trigger my creativity and the want to cast off on a foodie creation adventure!

20140623-225656.jpgI am truly enamored with Trader Joe’s! I love going in there and trying this and that!

The pictured meat sticks are really yummy, and made without nitrates and nitrites. Trader Joe’s tried the product out a couple of months ago, and were sold out after a few weeks, and then no news about the meat sticks, or if the product was coming back.

But there they were, shelves of meat sticks, along with newly arrived stuff! I was so happy, I almost hugged the Stocker!

For mini croissants!

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20140508-123901.jpgCobb salad with grilled chicken breast, uncured bacon, blue & gorgonzola cheeses, and ranch dressing on the side, from Trader Joe’s. A yummy lunch!

#100HappyDays #Happy #Lunch #Cobbsalad #TraderJoe’s

So I was out to find my happy, and I came upon a wall…
20140429-120818.jpgA wall of Speculoos Cookie Butter… three different kinds! Wow!

If you haven’t tasted speculoos cookie butter, don’t! It’s sinfully good, and I have friends who are totally ad-dic-ted to it. HaHa! I recently sent the wall picture to them via text. I am sure they will be by a similar wall where they are soon!


#100HappyDays #speculoos #cookiebutter

20140421-122526.jpgDay 2: Trader Joe’s Movie Theatre Popcorn! A healthy alternative too. #100HappyDays #Popcorn #Happy #atidecremlifeproject

roasted-whole-turkeyOn December 31, I went off to hunt for lunch.  On my way, I asked for a tangible sign, a white feather.  I didn’t exactly get a white feather…

I was walking around for something to snack on, something relatively healthy.  As I was walking around the back of the store, near the meat section, the lady ahead of me said, “oh!,” and grabbed something from the lower shelf in front of me.

I looked down and saw a very interesting sign. “1 free per person.”  So, I did what any foodie and woman would do, faced with free food.  I grabbed a whole roasted turkey. LOL

It was very funny at the checkout, and even the Cashier was very surprised that her store was giving out free turkeys. She wanted to take a break to reserve one for herself!

On the way back, as I lugged the whole heavy turkey back (I had walked to Trader Joe’s), I happened to look down at the grass sidewalk, as I waited to cross the street.  There, on the ground, was a wild turkey feather.

So while I didn’t get my white feather, I did get a whole turkey!  I think somehow someone up there knew I’d rather get this instead!

I brought the turkey to the family holiday party on New Year’s Day, and there was a lot of leftover turkey.  My mom magically made a soup out of part of the turkey that was awesome and delicious (I forgot the soup she packed for me though), and she has set aside some turkey for another dish later.

I am grateful for the free turkey and for my Mom for repurposing the leftovers into delicious dishes.

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