Day 4: Radiant Health

Day four of the Spirit of Mantra meditation series was about healing, and the mantra, per Miten, had the potential to open the third eye chakra to allow for healing on every level.

The first line addressed our own inner sage, our higher self.  The second stanza gave energy with Grace. It was meant to honor each other and radiate love. The third line readied us for liberation, and the fourth line freed us from the illusion of life and death to realize our immortality, the eternal life of our soul.

I did this meditation last night, four different times.  That’s excessive, right?  There was a reason for that.  The “Om Triambakam” was the first mantra meditation that I felt any major sensations since hearing Deva Premal and Miten’s Gayatri Mantra.

I only wanted to listen to the meditation to get a feel for it first before actually doing it, and I had decided to play it while I was in bed.  I fell into a theta state where I was between sleep and wake state.  While I was waking, I felt almost my entire body vibrate powerfully.  In my sleepy mind, I thought my cat was purring beside me, but as I was waking, I heard his metal name tag hit his metal water bowl in the other room.  It was a very interesting situation for me, to say the least.  Of course, I had to try it over and over again in order to figure out what was happening to me.  The sensations and vibrations decreased with each time, probably because I was in scientific investigation mode.

I don’t recommend doing the meditation more than two times at a given cycle.  By the fourth time, my hands and arms got really tired and numb from all the vibrations. The after sensation on my arms and hands was akin to when you have used a power tool (i.e. jack hammer, any tool that vibrates, etc) for a long time, and you stop. Your arms and hands end up being numb and achy.  That’s what I felt after the 4th time doing the meditation.

Since this is a healing mantra, perhaps it was healing my arms and hands, which I use for energetic healing. I am not sure. I still don’t know much about mantras and how they work. I suppose that if you are in a theta state, any mantra or meditation will be intensified or elevated.

This mantra meditation journey had two mantra song versions.  The first one was “Om Triambakam Mantra (Wellness)” from the album, A Deeper Light.  The second set, “Om Triambakam,” was from the album, MantraLove.  Due to my experiences, I ended up buying the two mantra songs to add them to my meditation playlist for more healing experiences.

I don’t know if you will experience what I did.  I believe that we each have our own set of learning in life and our experiences, even if we are learning the same concepts, may come in different ways. However, I wish you the very best during your own journey.

OM Triambakam Yajamahe
Sugandhim Pushti Vardanam
Urvar-Ukamiva Bandhanan
Mrityor Muksheeya Mamritat

I bow down to the one who sees with the third eye. Bless me with health and immortality and sever me from the clutches of death, even as cucumber is cut from its creeper.

Inner Tuning:
I invoke the spirit of this mantra, which opens the channel of healing through the clear vision of the ‘third eye’ – where masculine and feminine energies become one – with the understanding that all life, in its true nature, is eternal.

(Disclaimer: All images, mantras, meanings, and inner tunings are courtesy of The Spirit of Mantra.)

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