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20140829-101710.jpgI have been dealing with something hard. So I asked, “How can I get out of my pain?”

And I received…

“Give it to God”

Image/card from Sonia Choquette’s “The Answer Is Simple” Oracle Cards.

20140619-222232.jpgI love this book. I haven’t even read it fully or even in order, but I often open it for advice, like bibliomancy. (You ask a question, open the book randomly, read what it says, and see how it pertains to or help your situation.)

This book by Sonia Choquette is full of great advice about self-love and how to get in touch with your wonderful Spirit within. I am grateful to have it, as it is my go to book, when I need advice.

20140605-213408.jpgI am grateful for this message. I had asked about how to work on the “lack” mentality I still have, and I received this card from Sonia Choquette’s “The Answer Is Simple” oracle cards. It is about gratitude and gratefulness. The answer to my question is to be grateful and thankful to God for everything I do have right now, and I will attract more abundance in my life.

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