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20140713-224633.jpgOn the current windy road that is my spiritual path at the moment, I want to take this moment to give thanks to Spirit, The Divine, God, Higher Power, The Mystery, God/Goddess (however you call The One) and his many helpers: The Guides, The Angels, The Archangels, etc.

The lessons I am learning right now–which occupies a great chunk of my present life, has been tremendous and tumulus, but I am strong and keeping strong because of Him and His Helpers.

Thank you.

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20140711-174307.jpgI am grateful and thankful for the views. I really appreciate you all stopping by, sharing your comments, reading and liking my posts, and for making me feel so loved and supported here.

Thank you so much! 💕💐🌺

I truly feel that we are all connected, and we come into each other’s lives–however brief or through various mediums like WordPress–to encourage, inspire, or help each other.

I am grateful to Madhuri for sharing her post with me this morning using a technique in forgiveness I wrote about. She wrote about her experience with the process and how she felt afterwards. I am honored, but mostly, I am glad she found that it helped her as much as it helped me.

Thank you again, Madhuri!

Also, thank you to those who have touched my life here in WordPress. There are posts that have encouraged and inspired me. There are posts that have made my heart full and warm. There are posts that have helped me learn and grow. There are posts that have made me happy and more grateful. Thank you!

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