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Today begins a new 365 day project for me.  For the next 365 days, I will publish something that provides me with either happiness, love, discovery, or inspiration… maybe even all of them at once.  It will be a project to celebrate something awesome each day.

2015/02/img_0516.jpgI visited my brother and he gave me an early birthday present.  He knows I love tea, and that I can’t seem to stay away from places like Teavana.  His exact words when I opened the gift was, “I know you like things like that.”  HaHa!

So for day 1, I would like to express my gratitude for this funny tea infuser from my little brother. Thank you, A!

20141001-203932.jpgI am grateful for a new favorite! Spiced Apple Cider Tea by Teavana. So good!

(For 9/30/14)

20140727-141400.jpgSomething new and different for such a majorly HOT day. Zero calories and tastes like mild Korean barley tea and boba.

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