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20140105-161703.jpgIt’s Sunday, and I needed it to rest!  I ended up sleeping in, rather than waking up early for a morning walk/run (no training partner this weekend).  I am a bit glad that dinner plans got cancelled, too.  Shh! Don’t let my friend know…

I started prepping some of my meals for the week, including my veggies for my green juice drinks.  If I do not prep them, they don’t end up in the juicer, and then I feel bad having to throw them out for having gone bad.

I also prepped some omelettes with ham, two kinds of soup to get me through this cold week, and some leftovers I have yet to eat.  Sometimes, it’s hard living alone, because even if you buy only a few fresh items of groceries, sometimes they go bad before you can even eat them all.  Eating out is hard too, because sometimes it means leftovers as well.  I have to admit that it’s hard for me to eat the same things several days in a row.

I am grateful though that Sunday was given to me for a truly rest day.  I had some time to read, to cook, watch a funny show, write this post, and time to work on my last Vision Board (which will have some top items from two smaller Vision Boards with other things I would like to accomplish this year).  This last Vision Board will be the “Main Event” one for me.

I hope your Sunday is(was) absolutely fantastic, and you have(had) time to do some things that make your heart happy and soul sing!

20131229-164340.jpgToday was glorious! I woke up in very good spirits, and had extra time this morning to get ready for training.  I even almost forgot to pick up my training partner when I got distracted by how beautiful the morning sky was during my drive.

During our training, everything felt new and wondrous.  I had to take the picture above because it felt like a gateway to another world beckoning another adventure.

It was a more relaxing day for me. I wonder what my training partner thought of me as I continually stopped to savor each distractingly amazing moments today, some of which I captured with my phone’s camera to share with you.

20131229-164351.jpgThere was a moment when I opened my arms wide to the sun and said aloud, “it’s like a warm hug.”

It was just one of those days when everything was just perfect for me, and a whimsical day to chase after dandelion fuzz as they played “catch me, if you can.”

20131229-164359.jpgEven the birds took some time to sunbathe and relax with their peeps!

I am grateful for such a day of wonderment!

I am grateful for a fun day so far. It started with a gift of a mint mojito iced coffee to ward of sleepiness. Then off to The City by the Bay.

We happened to have gone in to Tiffany’s and interestingly enough, surrounded by all the bling, the only thing I found of interest was a decorative holiday display of tiny blue boxes on a sleigh. It brings to mind those situations when you give a small child a wrapped gift and what they end up happily playing with is the gift wrap paper.

I am also grateful for these additional gifts I received today from friends!


A few days ago, I felt a weird numbing sensation on my left foot and the side of my leg.  It was one of the reasons why I wrote “Patience’s Virtues,” to help remind myself that healing… takes… time.

Around the same time, I had actually also registered for both a 10K run (for later this month) and a 15K (to help train for a bucket list item), so I am not sure how I can train for the 10K with this new development at the moment.

I can still walk, but today, I also now have a full blown cold, so I had to send my great friend, G, a text letting her know I couldn’t work out this morning.  I really wanted to be there for her today, because she lost her brother yesterday.  At the same time, I didn’t want her to get sick too.  Luckily, her friends and I were with her last night to support her with her loss during her dragonboat team’s End of Season Party.

As I sit in bed, watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I thought I would share some things I saw yesterday.

20131103-102828.jpgI was looking up in the sky, coming home from Acupunture/Accupressure, and I saw this cloud formation. It looked like a hand to me.

20131103-102819.jpgThese two pictures were interesting.  I was just hanging out in the back seat and happened to look out of the window, and was taken aback by the rainbow peeking through the clouds.  It was still sunny out during the late afternoon and it hadn’t rain.  It was exciting to see the rainbow, so I started to take these shots.

20131103-102202.jpgNow, these shoes!  Yesterday, I asked my Acupuncturist if I could wear high heels to the party, with a numb foot.  She told me, “no,” showed me her wedge shoes, and asked me if I had wedge shoes I could wear.  It would be much more supportive. So, I busted these out from its box–I felt these shoes were too Rockstar for my semi-formal dress, and broke them in last night. I am glad they had great support, but the open toes and my short dress were probably why I now have a full blown cold. Haha!

I am looking forward to eating chicken soup and a lot of cutie mandarins to fight my cold. Happy Sunday, everyone!

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