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20140829-101710.jpgI have been dealing with something hard. So I asked, “How can I get out of my pain?”

And I received…

“Give it to God”

Image/card from Sonia Choquette’s “The Answer Is Simple” Oracle Cards.

20140619-222232.jpgI love this book. I haven’t even read it fully or even in order, but I often open it for advice, like bibliomancy. (You ask a question, open the book randomly, read what it says, and see how it pertains to or help your situation.)

This book by Sonia Choquette is full of great advice about self-love and how to get in touch with your wonderful Spirit within. I am grateful to have it, as it is my go to book, when I need advice.

20140605-213408.jpgI am grateful for this message. I had asked about how to work on the “lack” mentality I still have, and I received this card from Sonia Choquette’s “The Answer Is Simple” oracle cards. It is about gratitude and gratefulness. The answer to my question is to be grateful and thankful to God for everything I do have right now, and I will attract more abundance in my life.

I had written before that sometimes when I am having a problem and I need advice, I pick up a book and open it to a random page.

I was dealing with a challenging situation, and it was also challenging my self-love. So, I picked up Sonia Choquette’s The Answer Is Simple… Love Yourself, Live your Spirit! I thought about my issue, opened the book, and I couldn’t believe what I got!

From page 142:
“The best way to remain self-loving and aligned with Spirit when facing life’s challenges is to remember that they all are lessons–so stop feeling as though you’re a victim. This isn’t to suggest that the ones you face at times aren’t difficult or painful. It only means that until you acknowledge that your challenges exist to teach you something on a soul level, you can’t even begin to get past or rise above them. Whatever problem you encounter, know that it presents itself because there’s something in that situation that your soul wants to learn. The more quickly you acknowledge your problems as opportunities to acquire wisdom, the more manageable they become.”

I was upset and guilt-ridden, because in a moment of vulnerability, I did something that was not from a place of love or kindness. That night, I had restless sleep and my conscience just gnawed at me.

Basically, I texted in response to someone something that came out partly from resentment that had brewed for several months (and I did not yet have an opportunity to clear up) and partly from something else. In my weakness, lack of sleep, and some emotional stress, I said goodbye to an early friendship. I did not have a clear heart that time.

Nobody died. The world didn’t end, but I was pretty upset about what I had done and was worried about my friend. On top of that, I did it in text. I think texting should be banned sometimes… 😦

I realized that what I was going through was yet another lesson. I seem to have a lot of “opportunities to acquire wisdom” with this person. I apologized, but understandably, my friend is upset.

I struggle sometimes. I know that this is normal. I will have moments of weakness. I am not perfect. I will make mistakes. I will not be happy and positive every second, minute, hour, or day. What I do next, after a moment of weakness, is what is truly important and what will make a difference.

I am grateful for lessons from which I can learn. It is the only way I can grow to be a better person, woman, friend…

clearheartOnce in a while, when I have a question, I would pick up a book, open it randomly, and read what I get.  The book that I chose this afternoon was Sonia Choquette’s The Answer Is Simple…  Love Yourself, Live your Spirit!  I haven’t quite read it yet, but I really like the title.

It opened up to page 82 of the chapter, “The Heart of the Matter,” and at the top of the page, it said, “I felt sad for her. Her closed heart had driven away an opportunity to experience love.”  I couldn’t help thinking then that this would have been a great quote for two of my previous posts. ;D

What really caught my eye was a new section at the bottom of the page called “Have a Clear Heart.”  Sonia Choquette wrote that “love is broken down into four basic expressions of true Spirit, corresponding to the four chambers of the heart: the open heart, the clear heart, the wise heart, and the courageous heart.”

According to Sonia, the open heart corresponds to your Divine inner child; whereas, the clear heart corresponds to your Divine inner adult.  If we have a clear heart, we could easily walk past drama and self-pity.  We could be objective, reasonable, and look at life without bias and not take it too personally.

For example, if you are unhappy about a situation, instead of asking Why is this happening to me?, you should ask Why is this happening? What can I learn from this?

I like the concept, because sometimes we do fall into situations where we are swimming in emotions and can’t see past through the drama to figure out what truly caused it… not until we allow the waves of emotions to pass and we can sit down and think about what had just happened.

Another example Sonia gave was what happens when our heart is clouded with strong emotions and we act on them.  This is when we hurt our relationships with others.  She advised that “whenever you find yourself caught in the turbulence of a strong emotion, let it flow and know that it will eventually calm down.  You’re best able to make sound, self-loving choices when your emotions are quiet.”

I think we all have acted on strong emotions at one point in our lives, maybe more.  I feel grateful to have come upon the section on how to have a clear heart. As I move towards life with an open heart, I feel I am now armed with extra knowledge on how to traverse any obstacles (especially emotionally driven ones) by keeping my heart clear.

11/14/13 note: Please follow this link to read about the lesson I learned about having a clear heart.


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