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20140724-175456.jpg“Sleep is the best meditation.” – Dalai Lama

I am a very light and sensitive sleeper, so I am very grateful for the 6-hour straight of sleep for two nights in a row! So rare!

Alaska was a fun trip, but the cruise (running around, allergies, mostly no connectivity/wi-fi, interruptions and changes in sleep cycles and eating cycles, lifestyle and dietary changes, etc.), as well as a road trip at the end, was a bit exhausting. I am grateful for my day off today, which I spent unpacking, doing laundry, meditations, hanging out with Mini Panther, and napping.

I will be uploading my gratitudes and Spirit of Mantra meditation posts that I couldn’t during my trip over the next few days. For now, I am in bed, waiting for sleep to claim me. I wish all a good night!

20140519-205440.jpgSo happy for a day off–a vacation from my vacation! LOL!

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Image courtesy of The Keep Calm-O-Matic.

NaBloPoMo November 2013


For the right words
To convey my

For the right outlet
To exclaim my

For the silence
To maintain my
Inner peace

For the darkness
To claim my

For the dawn
To greet my

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