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20141030-220912.jpgAs I grow spiritually, the more I become grateful for simple, but priceless moments.

The picture I took barely show its full beauty, but I had the privilege of watching the sunset for hours when I left New York for California. I normally book aisle seats, but on my return, I opted for a window seat, and I was given this beautiful, amazing gift.

As it grew darker, I was shown a rainbow skyscape from red at the horizon to purple at its zenith.

I would never have seen such beauty had I not booked a window seat. Clearly, the Big G wanted me to see this. 😁

20140722-205621.jpgPDJ is in Maui with his family, and he sent me a photo of the sunset. I love sunsets (and sunrises), and very grateful to see such a beautiful masterpiece! Thanks for sharing! 🌅

DaybreakI love how the sky can can give us such beautiful blending of colors each day.  This image called “Sunshine On The Morning Mist” by Baitong333 is such an example, and it goes very well with my blog’s theme colors. 😉  I love these colors!

I wish I could have taken a picture of my local sky view during my drive to work this morning. It wasn’t quite as magnificent as the image above, but the sky was equally beautiful with purple and pink hues with a very glaringly bright orange-red sun that was halfway through its ascent.

One day, Sky, I’m going to paint you in canvas and hang you on my wall, so that I will have a beautiful piece of you with me always when I am indoors.  (Note to self:  Learn how to paint…)

I am grateful for the sky’s artwork. Each day’s arrangement is always a masterpiece.

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