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I think I may have overindulged… Maybe just a tad…

So let me rationalize this… Please bear with me.  I don’t shop often; although I will admit that shoes and bags are my weaknesses.  I usually do one large purchase after many, many months of non-purchase.  And I look for sale items and I am good at getting the best deals for my buck.  Actually, the pair of running shoes (which I need) cost the most, and it was already on sale. And some were to treat myself for my birthday?

Did my rationalizing work?  LOL

20140617-215824.jpgJust came in the mail. There is nothing better than shoes that are not only pretty, but comfy too!

20140616-224500.jpgIt is always good to simplify and get rid of extra stuff that I no longer use or need, like some purses and shoes (not pictured, too sad. 💕👠👡👢)

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