I saw something really cool.

A few days ago, I encountered someone–vaguely recognizing him as someone who works at my building, as I was heading out of the building.  I noticed how hugely he smiled as he walked back.

I came upon him again as I was leaving to get lunch while he was coming back to the building. I smiled (because if you were to see his beaming face, you couldn’t help but smile too), but had to look down due to some steps.  When I looked up again, I saw something pretty amazing.  There was this bright, whitish light that emanated from his chest and radiated out passed his head… like making a big halo from his chest to above his head.

I thought that maybe that must have been his inner light shining out.  He felt so at peace and just really happy that his light within was radiating out.  I couldn’t help but think how I would like to always be in that state of peace and shine just as brightly.  Wow.


(For 2/27/15)

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