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20140627-194522.jpgI came in very early, when the City by the Bay was just starting to bustle.

20140627-194626.jpgI opted for a window seat at the training center. How do you like the view?

20140627-194641.jpgI walked around at lunch, but couldn’t find my old haunts. It has been some time since I’ve strolled down Market St. I decided to pick up a quick lunch at a deli.

It was a great day, today, and not so cold at all. I was grateful to be in San Francisco and to have had some face to face time with work friends.

20140627-191839.jpgHappy Hour with work friends at Palomino’s!

Food: Cider Spiced Pork Belly, Crispy Calamari, and Brussel Sprouts with Panchetta

Drinks: Stella Artois, Watermelon Mojito, and Basil Gimlet (mine)

20140627-192747.jpgThen more people came! Thin crust pizzas (Pepperoni and Sausage with mushrooms) and meatballs!

20140526-232304.jpgSpent a fabulous day with friends!

I am grateful for such an über day; although, it started for me at 4:30 a.m.!

Today was race day for the San Francisco Hot Chocolate 5K/15K race. The race was moved up an hour so we had to be in San Francisco pretty early. It was fuh-reezing! I can’t believe how many people were in shorts and tank tops!

The sunrise was gloriously beautiful, and it ended up being a warm, not so Winter day, at 61 degrees fahrenheit.

I did the 5K to be with most of my race friends. There was another 15K racer with us, but she is pretty fast. I didn’t want anyone to have to wait for me. HaHa. It was a great workout today, and look what we got after we finished!


We had chocolate fondue with rice krispies, banana (ate it for potassium, but normally, I won’t go out of my way to do so. LOL), cream wafers, marshmallows, and baby pretzels. Oh, and chocolate fondue!

Please have an über day filled with many blessings!

San Francisco Hot Chocolate 5K/15K Race

20140111-205612.jpgFirstly, I am deeply grateful to Tina Pumfrey for nominating me for the Liebster Award. I am very honored and very thankful for this award.  Wow!!  My “feel good” day yesterday became a “feel great” day!

I need some time to fully accept the award, so please bear with me. I hope to post the acceptance soon.

Tina is a singer, songwriter, musician, and teacher.  Musicians and Artists really have it hard, especially when they have full-time jobs.  They have to not only juggle their schedules, but also their finances just to do what they love.  I completely understand!  Please check out Tina Pumfrey’s Blog.

Today has been awesome thus far, even my drive up to San Francisco this morning to pick up my race packet with my good friend, Geri.  It’s been a long while since I’ve driven around San Francisco, but thankfully my friend knows the backstreets so I was able to navigate around crazy traffic, one way streets, and extremely steep hills (I have a manual transmission).

While waiting for her car to be fixed in another city and to pass time before heading to a party, we decided to go to Japan Town.  Japan Town in San Francisco is extremely fun to go to with all sorts of restaurants and stores.  Even at the $1.50 stores like Daiso and Ichiban Kan, you can find all sorts of life hack type products that will surprise you.  Let’s just say, we lost track of time!  HaHa!

We made it to the party after we picked up Geri‘s car.  I am lucky, through my friends, to meet people that are very interesting and kind, so my fish bowl is constantly growing. I met someone that may be able to help me with a product I am working on, and she has a nespresso machine that totally piqued my curiosity. I like cool gadgets and figuring out how they tick. She and her husband also had over a hundred different kinds of games (board games, card games, etc), and I learned how to play qwirkle. It’s a tile game that’s like an intuitive domino slash something else, I can’t describe.

I like playing new games, and learning new things, and I am grateful that I had an opportunity to play and learn a lot today.

Tina Pumfrey’s Blog
Tina’s Liebster Award Nomination Post

I am grateful for a fun day so far. It started with a gift of a mint mojito iced coffee to ward of sleepiness. Then off to The City by the Bay.

We happened to have gone in to Tiffany’s and interestingly enough, surrounded by all the bling, the only thing I found of interest was a decorative holiday display of tiny blue boxes on a sleigh. It brings to mind those situations when you give a small child a wrapped gift and what they end up happily playing with is the gift wrap paper.

I am also grateful for these additional gifts I received today from friends!


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