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20140522-205742.jpgI was so grateful that I scheduled a day off on Monday! Who knew I needed a vacation from my vacation? HaHa!

For 5/19/14

20140519-205440.jpgSo happy for a day off–a vacation from my vacation! LOL!

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Image courtesy of The Keep Calm-O-Matic.

I am grateful for this couch.

A couch, you ask?

Why, yes. 😉

It is my mom’s living room couch. It is very comfy and puffy, and while my body apparently does not know how to nap, at least I was able to have a lie down, for a bit. Sometimes even a bit of rest can be rejuvenating!

This week seemed very rushed. I felt the stirrings of a cold, but I didn’t have time to just rest and relax. There seemed to always be something going on, somewhere I had to be, something I had to do…

In the end, I opted to stay home rather than go to a party. I just really felt the need to just rest. Still, I think my definition of rest is not the same as the standard definition as I stayed home to rest but ended up helping in a forum. HaHa

I am grateful because I did get some rest.

(for 12/21/13)

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