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20141029-223637.jpg“We’re all just walking each other home.” –Ram Dass

A good friend, J, shared this quote with me a few days ago, and I was reminded of it again today.

If we could just change our perspective or how we see things, we are reminded that we are all, in this life, helping each other out. Whether we are learning a lesson (so we can become better people) from or with someone or we help someone else… We are just “walking each other home.”

I am grateful for these quotes and reminders.

20140714-184044.jpgJust a reminder that Deepak and Oprah’s new meditation journey on “Expanding Your Happiness” starts next Monday, 8/11/14.

Expanding Your Happiness – Free 21-day Meditation

20140630-195829.jpgThere is always hope… always!

Images from the Korean drama, “Glory Jane” aka “Man of Honor.”

20140610-230539.jpgHolstee Manifesto… A great reminder!


You can never have enough! This one is on my refrigerator door, and has been reminding me for a couple of months now.

Do you have one? What does it say?

Photo credit: Artist: Far Fetched

Photo credit:
Artist: Far Fetched

I found out recently that my friend’s brother had passed away rather quickly from advanced stage cancer.  His brother found out on Christmas day and he passed away on Saturday.

I was lucky that my friend, P, was assigned to work at my building today, and I was able to buy him lunch and just be there for him, if he needed to talk. He looked so exhausted.

Whenever I hear about a death, it really makes me think about how precious our time here on Earth is. It makes me think about my life, and if I will have any regrets should I end up leaving so suddenly.  I can think of one right now, and at the moment, I am unsure of what to do.

I guess times like these can serve as a reminder to live a life without regrets.

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