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What’s will all the steamed egg dishes? Well, I’m glad you asked!  😉

We are all connected, in so many ways, and the best way I can share our connection is through my favorite subject, food!  I started a foodie segment called, Connected Through Food. I hope to research, explore, and share with you some of the food out there from different cultures that seem very unique, but if you take a closer look, you can see how similar they truly are.  And that connects us even more…

Now where to find these recipes…

If you view the full site of my blog, you will see a menu called, Foodie Adventures.  The main write up with all the links for specific kinds of recipes (i.e. Steamed, Savory Egg Custards) will be in the category called, Connected Through Food, while individual recipes (i.e. Cocotte Egg with Creamed Mushrooms) will be in one or more categories (i.e. Appetizer) under Recipes.

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I hope you will like this new section of my blog. Please feel free to share ideas or recipes to help me expand and share even more how we are all connected.

20140503-172050.jpgParmesan Crisps (Frico) are wonderful, low-carb snacks. With just one ingredient (shredded parmesan), you can elevate your cheese plate, salads, top creamy soups, or just enjoy it alone.

Shredded parmesan cheese (you can shred asiago, romano, or other dry, hard cheese)
Optional: Bump it up with flavoring (cayenne pepper, garlic powder, etc)

1. Heat an ungreased pan in medium-high heat.
2. Evenly spread shredded parmesan cheese on the heated pan. (Add optional flavorings, one side only)
3. Fry for about 2-3 minutes.
4. When you see the edges brown, scrape the bottom of the cheese with a turner to loosen it. Flip to crisp the other side.

20140503-172032.jpg5. Fry for about 1-2 minutes.
6. Slice or shape (over an inverted bowl) while warm.
7. Enjoy, or fill with salad or other tasty ingredients, if making a bowl.

Ways to enjoy your Frico:

20140503-172040.jpgAs a bowl for your salad (in this case, Caesar Salad)

20140503-172057.jpgAs an amuse-bouche, and a perfect bite, of the Caesar Salad.  I couldn’t resist! 😉

Some notes:
1.  It is best to use hard cheeses to make cheese crisps.  I’ve tried this with cheddar cheese and other soft cheeses, and a great amount of oil leaches out, and although, the cheese can crisp out, it can be too greasy.
2. Try it out with a mix of parmesan, asiago, and romano. YUM!
3. You can bake Frico; although, frying is much more convenient for me. If you want to bake your cheese, you would need to grate your hard cheeses. Here are a few recipes:
Food Network – Alton Brown’s Parmesan Crisps
Food Network – Giada De Laurentiis’ Frico


20140412-194409.jpgPokē, Yum! What’s even better? When it is made with hamachi (yellowtail), and it is homemade!  Once you read this post, you may wonder why you pay a lot of money to eat this, when it is so easy to make on your own (and cheaper too).

Sashimi grade fish (Tuna, Yellowtail, or any fish you like to eat raw)
Hawaiian pink sea salt (any sea salt will do)
Green onions
Sesame oil
Japanese or Hawaiian soy sauce
Fish roe for extra texture (optional) – I used Yuzu (Japanese citron) infused flying fish roe. (Salmon (Ikura) roe works very well too)
Ogo seaweed (optional) – This may only be available dried. You would need to soak it. The market had this already rehydrated on hand. This gives a salty and crunchy texture.
Sweet white onions(optional) – I didn’t use it in this recipe, but when choosing sweet onions, taste it first. Sometimes raw onion (even sweet ones) can still be very strong and may overpower the fish.

1. Cut your fish into cubes and place in a bowl or dish. (If I was having a formal dinner party, I would remove the bloodline. There is a stronger mineral taste to the bloodline, but in pokē, it’s okay, because it will be dressed.
2. Slice the green onions, and add to your fish. For the amount of fish I used, I used about 3 green onions.
3. Season with a pinch of sea salt to taste. The larger the grain of the salt, the added “crunch. You could grind the sea salt. If you do not have or like soy sauce, you can add a little more salt.
4. Mix in any optional ingredients you want (ogo, fish roe, sweet onions, etc.)
20140412-194431.jpg5. Add soy sauce to taste. A little goes a long way. You just need it for taste. (I would do one teaspoon at a time, depending on the amount of ingredients you have.)
6. Add sesame oil, enough to lightly coat all the ingredients. (I would do one teaspoon at a time, depending on the amount of ingredients you have.)
7. Mix and serve atop a mixed green salad or steamed rice, or just enjoy by itself.

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