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It was drizzling as I came into work this morning… A left over from a storm we just had. By break time though… It was beautiful!

The sun was shining with white, fluffy clouds on such a blue sky! It was amazing!

I feel cheated because Winter is my favorite and we never truly had one here in California, but the sun’s warmth was welcome and it felt really good. It was really something to appreciate and be grateful for.

20140926-181542.jpgI am grateful for rain. I love the sound of it as it hits the window panes and roof, and I am sure the trees and plants outside are gobbling it up–since we have such a drought problem here. I love how it cleans the air, but more so, how it makes snuggling in bed so much more cozy!

I love the rain. I wish I could stay, snuggled in bed, warmed by blankies, and listening to the rain making a timpani outside the window. And yet, why do I feel like wanting to shirk everything and play in the rain, and feel raindrop kisses on my skin? 😉

I, also, have a new favorite song! I had to dance and sing to! Enjoy!

Last night, we had rain and to be honest, I love the rain. For one thing, it cleans the air. If I am not outside playing in it, I prefer to be swaddled in bed, as the raindrops lull me to sleep (better if there was someone warm to be tangled with. 😉 )

Brrr! It was cold out there this morning when I set out to do some mild training (just 4 miles) for my upcoming 15K, with my good friend, G.

My hair was still wet from the shower when I started. I had my last haircut for the year recently, and I am again sporting a racy, short bob (short at the back and angled, longer towards the front). It may be the last haircut, as I am thinking of letting it grow out again.

Funny, but I think that the shorter my hair, the feistier I am. I seem to act more like “a lady” when I have long hair. HaHa!

Getting back to the real gist of the post, LOL, I should have worn a beanie or something. I felt a pain in my ear and I think it was due to the cold, but it was a beauty of a day!

The sky was baby blue with white, fluffy clouds. Have you ever looked up in the sky and found a cloud that looks so fluffy and thick that you wish you could lounge on it and watch the world below? There were a bunch in the sky this morning. If only you could really lounge on one…

I am grateful that the rain gave way to such a superb day… With fluffy clouds arranging themselves into various forms in the blue sky that only your imagination can name, and a bright sun streaming in boldly, warming us as we trained through the crisp, cold morning.

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