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20140726-092255.jpgDay 6 – Living Dangerously

Thought for the day: There is always enough time to play

Daily Quote:
When the seed becomes a sprout it is going into something unknown. When the sprout starts growing flowers it is again a movement into the unknown. And when the fragrance leaves the flowers — again, a quantum leap into the unknown. Life needs courage at each step.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is about allowing yourself to live.

It is always very amazing to me that when I am having a problem learning or understanding a soul or personal lesson that I encounter some sort of help! HaHa!

I have been working on how to live in this world without guarding and protecting myself all the time. Over the last few days, I started to feel myself close up regarding someone. I wanted to understand this person’s intentions toward me. In the process, I started to want to protect myself.

Osho’s course and meditation today is about taking down the armor! Isn’t it fitting?

“Living dangerously” is allowing yourself to open to all possibilities of life. If you don’t take risks, how can you know? If you protect yourself from life’s experiences, how can you grow?

The goal of life is to play in it. Don’t be afraid to live it as if it’s your last day.

You carry an armor around you. It is just an armor – it is not clinging to you. You are clinging to it, so when you become aware, you can simply drop it. The armor is dead. If you don’t carry it, it will disappear.” ~Osho

The course followed with a process of meditation to remove a layer of armor around yourself, but still feel safe and secure.

From the course:
Play should remain your life, your center of life. Work should be as a means towards play. Work in the office and work in the factory and work in the shop, but just to have time, opportunity, to play… Play means doing something for its own sake. To live dangerously means to live life as if each moment is its own end.”

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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Day 3: Purification

Day three of the Spirit of Mantra meditation series is a collaboration with the Tibetan Monks, Gyuto.  According to Miten, the Tibetan Buddhist mantra, “OM Benza Satto Hung,” is the crystallized version of a 100-syllable mantra. They are focusing on only four sounds because the 100-syllable is very hard for our Western ears to comprehend.  They do include the full 100-syllable mantra by the Gyuto monks in the beginning and the ending of the mantra meditation.  The Gyuto monks’ mantra is very unique to hear, and the sounds incredible. It must be hard to do them as they must be hard on the vocal chords.

Deva Premal broke down each sound of the mantra.  “OM” activates the third eye and it is also where the masculine and feminine energy converge and become one. “Benza” means “diamond thunder bolt” and it means “indestructible, irresistible force”. “Satto” means “pure intention and non-violence.”  “Hung” activates the throat chakra, and is the sound that opens the gateway between the heart and the mind.

This mantra is repeated 108 times, with the Gyuto Monks chanting the 100-syllable version of the mantra before and after.

OM Benza Satto Hung

I invoke the supreme purifying and protecting power of universal mind.

Inner Tuning:
The vibration of this mantra opens the gateway between heart and mind, and supports me in keeping my intentions clear, with determination and single-pointedness.

(Disclaimer: All images, mantras, meanings, and inner tunings are courtesy of The Spirit of Mantra.)

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