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“We all at certain times in our lives find ourselves broken. True strength is found in picking up the pieces.” –Jill Pendley

On Friday, just before I left work, I had to report some hubs from a project I am working on as missing. I prayed for a good resolution to this issue before I left.

Today, after following up with many people, it was found that they were brought to another floor to be used without telling us, and we found them there.

I am grateful that the missing hubs for my project have been found, and my prayer worked!

Yesterday, my manager was at my work building rather than in San Francisco. In our staff meeting, he mentioned where he was, and I asked, “was it for the ice cream?” To which, he laughed. We had an employee appreciation ice cream social at my building, you see.

During the recognition portion of the meeting, he announced that he was getting up to walk a few steps to hand me a milestone award. One of the reason why he was on-site. How cool, right?

If you have been following for awhile, you know that I love food–to talk about it, to create it, to play with it, etc. So… I got a little distracted by the free ice cream yesterday, and forgot about my award! HaHa!

I think that the fountain at work is serving as a water hole for some of God’s creatures! These geese stopped by (I am unsure which, but one of them is known to preen in front of the reflective walls of the building), and I managed to take an image of how the crow drinks from the fountain. How clever!


Tonight, I went to a family friend’s viewing and prayer. I can’t fathom what it is like to lose a parent. I can understand a little of the pain, having lost three grandparents within 4 years, but not that kind of a loss, and hopefully, not for a long time.

I listened to Uncle N‘s four boys talk about their “Papa”, their memories with him, what they’ve learned from him, and what they hope to be… Their words (and those of others who also spoke) were touching. Uncle N was a good man.

My memories of Uncle N are those of a tall, kind of beefy, man with a booming voice and a big personality. He also had a wonderful smile. That’s how I would like to remember him.

I took some time off to go to his funeral tomorrow, and bid him farewell, for now. I am sure he is watching from heaven, watching over his beautiful wife and the grown boys he is very proud of, and sending his love to them.

I am always grateful for when family gathers to remember and celebrate those who have passed and to pray together to request healing for those in need. Collective prayers are always so much stronger.

I am grateful for the gift of prayer. I am thankful for the gift of comfort and inner peace prayer gives to me, especially during such trying times for the family.

I am grateful for the comfort I have been feeling from family coming together in prayer for another.


Prompt: Monday, January 13, 2014
Eleanor Roosevelt said: “A woman is like a tea bag – you can’t tell how strong she is until you put her in hot water.” Tell us about a time you felt your strength.

In 2009, I went on a personal leave from work. For three of five months, I lived in Japan and used it as a base to travel to other areas of Japan and other nearby countries.

A woman traveling alone can find herself in a lot of interesting situations, but it was the most empowering experience of my life. I learned so much about myself, and I grew so much as a person.

You find ways to cope. You find ways to solve problems in a more creative way. You find ways to rely on yourself and find your strength.  You find ways to trust and have faith.

South Korea was the hardest place that I visited because of the language barrier and the currency.  I had a survival Korean book which didn’t help, and although I do like Korean dramas, they didn’t help me pick up a lot of vital phrases I needed then. HaHa

I was unable to study the Korean currency prior to my trip. The internet connection where I had lived in Tokyo only worked part of the time. There were extra zeros in the Korean won.  When I tried to pay for my bus to the hotel with several bills, the cashier took one 10,000 won bill, and push the remaining bills toward me.  That was a cheap ride, and that lady was kind and honest!

The hardest situation I encountered during my solo trip (again also in South Korea) was when the bus dropped me off (on the way to the hotel).  Before we left, I tried to converse with the bus driver to confirm my stop.  Somehow, I think he went over a little.  For over an hour, I exchanged bills to coins from a nice lady at a store for the pay phone, made several calls to the hotel who couldn’t make out where I was, hailed cabs but would leave unable to help me once they learned I could not speak Korean… all while standing in the rain.

After trying to figure out my situation for over an hour, I stopped and prayed for help. Then within minutes, a cab pulled up in front of me releasing its passengers.  The cab driver knew a little bit of English he picked up from his daughter who was studying in America. He asked me to come into the cab and placed my luggage in the trunk.  I handed him my paperwork on the hotel, but the information was not in Korean character form, so he asked me to point to the hotel’s phone number.  I did and he called the hotel on his mobile and asked for directions.  He got me to my hotel.

I was very grateful for the help this man gave to me. He could have left me in the rain like the other cab drivers did, but he took the time to deal with a foreigner.

I was very grateful for the help after I prayed. I’ve gotten help before after I prayed, but I have been geared to be so independent and to be so self-sufficient that I forget that my life could be simpler if I just ask for help.  LOL

That experience solidified in my heart and mind that…
1. All my prayers are heard
2. I am never alone
3. I will always be alright, no matter what

I just have to remember to stop being stubborn about doing things alone and ask for help. 🙂


I am hoping that this reblog will somehow contribute to helping loved ones find their missing family members and friends in the Philippines.

My love and prayers go to the Filipino people and the Philippines, the Vietnamese people and Vietnam, and all those in the path of the Super Typhoon, Haiyan.– Mercedita


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