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One of the concepts that I feel I am able to understand better now is the idea that what is meant to be, will be and what is meant for me, will be mine.  I just have to be patient (that’s the hard part!). This has been cutting the worry in half!

Here’s a great article on how Jen and Bill of “The Little Couple” met as an example of the concept of “what will be, will be.”

20140523-164044.jpgWhen I saw the little leaf, I wanted to pluck it to admire it, but I saw the other and bigger leaves, and thought it would be wrong to do so, because then the baby leaf wouldn’t be able to grow and become bigger and mature.

As I walked away, my mind drifted to a situation in my life that seemed to either become stagnant one day or go backwards for me the next, even when it had started to look up. Somehow, during my walk, my mind went back to the little leaf, and I realized that maybe my situation is still a baby, and still needed to grow… Like some things were needed to come into play before my situation could fully unfold.

Divine timing has been something I have been learning, and I think maybe, I received a lesson today. Thank you, Little Leaf! 🌱

On Sunday, I wrote about the numbing sensation I was feeling on my foot and up the side of my leg.  I remember that I wasn’t feeling particularly worried about it, but a part of me wanted to worry about how I was going to train for an upcoming race.

The part of me that wanted to worry is the part I am trying to let go off.  It is the part that wants to overthink about my situation–to find answers and solutions, until the situation has been laid bare and naked, and shivering from the cold inspection.

I would joke around and say that I get paid (at work) to overthink, but I know what kind of havoc it creates in my personal life.

I decided to distract myself by reading blog posts about gratitude, and came upon the post, “Trust, And The Answers Will Come – Day 283 of The Pollyanna Plan“, and there it was, just what I needed…


So I decided, then and there, that I would not let the part of me that wanted to worry to have a chance to run around in my head–not on Sunday, not on Monday, and not even this morning, when I spoke to my manager about it.  Then the answer came to me, after I received a text from my personal trainer letting me know that he couldn’t meet with me today…

In a previous post, I wrote that I am still working on being patient, especially with healing. I tend to “forget” that my body has limitations right now, especially when I am not feeling any pain. It is usually only when something happens with my body, do I listen to it.

The numbness was my body letting me know, “Hey! You’re not back to normal yet.” Once I realized that, part of the numbness went away almost immediately.  While on the phone with my good friend, R, discussing what had happened, I realized that if all the numbness went away, I would just “forget” my current limitations yet again.

So today, I am deeply grateful to my body and for the important message it conveyed to me.  My tasks now are to listen to it more, and most of all, take better care of it.


The Pollyanna Plan

A few days ago, I felt a weird numbing sensation on my left foot and the side of my leg.  It was one of the reasons why I wrote “Patience’s Virtues,” to help remind myself that healing… takes… time.

Around the same time, I had actually also registered for both a 10K run (for later this month) and a 15K (to help train for a bucket list item), so I am not sure how I can train for the 10K with this new development at the moment.

I can still walk, but today, I also now have a full blown cold, so I had to send my great friend, G, a text letting her know I couldn’t work out this morning.  I really wanted to be there for her today, because she lost her brother yesterday.  At the same time, I didn’t want her to get sick too.  Luckily, her friends and I were with her last night to support her with her loss during her dragonboat team’s End of Season Party.

As I sit in bed, watching Oprah’s Super Soul Sunday, I thought I would share some things I saw yesterday.

20131103-102828.jpgI was looking up in the sky, coming home from Acupunture/Accupressure, and I saw this cloud formation. It looked like a hand to me.

20131103-102819.jpgThese two pictures were interesting.  I was just hanging out in the back seat and happened to look out of the window, and was taken aback by the rainbow peeking through the clouds.  It was still sunny out during the late afternoon and it hadn’t rain.  It was exciting to see the rainbow, so I started to take these shots.

20131103-102202.jpgNow, these shoes!  Yesterday, I asked my Acupuncturist if I could wear high heels to the party, with a numb foot.  She told me, “no,” showed me her wedge shoes, and asked me if I had wedge shoes I could wear.  It would be much more supportive. So, I busted these out from its box–I felt these shoes were too Rockstar for my semi-formal dress, and broke them in last night. I am glad they had great support, but the open toes and my short dress were probably why I now have a full blown cold. Haha!

I am looking forward to eating chicken soup and a lot of cutie mandarins to fight my cold. Happy Sunday, everyone!

20131102-090512.jpgPatience and I do not often get along. Like the cartoon above by Doug Savage, I often like things “now.”

Although we clash often, I am very grateful to Patience, when I am open to learning from her.

I am grateful when she slows me down so that I can pay attention and be present… so that I can savor each moment.

I am grateful when she reminds me (sometimes painfully) that complete healing is a slow process, not to be rushed. Just because I feel like everything is back to normal, I still need to be very gentle with my body.

I am grateful because some of my most beautiful memories come from slow, burning moments.

I am grateful to be reminded that inner peace and wisdom come from being patient, quiet, and eager to learn.

I still have a long way to go in learning fully from Patience, but hopefully, by appreciating the good she brings into my life, I can be better at being patient; although, this may be a lifelong study…

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