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20140907-044526.jpgI am grateful for my constant reminders to keep me focus on what’s important to me.

I am grateful for meditations on love. Anything to help me keep my heart open and help me love unconditionally and without judgment is always good to try.

The series started two days ago and is supposed to help with the following, according to the series information:

1. To discover what it really means to love without conditions or judgements
2. To reignite the passion with your significant other
3. To redefine the things you think, say and do in your daily interactions with family and friends
4. To identify and appreciate the various ways love reveals itself to you across your life
5. To practice a natural cure for bouts of loneliness or depression
6. To open your heart in ways you never imagined possible

I have just started today and did days 1 and 2. The messages are simple and clear, and the meditation music and Janet’s voice are soothing. Each meditation includes a daily mantra and setting a daily intention. So far so good…

Mentors Channel’s Janet Bray Attwood’s 21 Meditations On Love

I am on Day 2 of The 21 Day Consciousness Cleanse by Debbie Ford. I started this exercise to try to release other barriers and resistance I am holding on to, including breaking the fear to love. I am hoping this will clear any remaining issues I have, because I want my heart open, stay open, and it would be awesome to meet my Imzadi. 🙂

Interestingly enough, after I wrote my NaBloPoMo post for today, Stressor, sharing my fear to love, I found Oprah’s Spirituality 101 show on demand and Oprah explained that spirituality to her is… “a calling on your life. It means you live your life without fear and you know that no matter what happens, no matter what happens, you are going to be alright. You are going to be alright.”

What a nice thing to hear after what I shared. It was a great reminder to me, just like the message (“It is safe for you to love”) on the image above from Doreen Virtue’s The Romance Angels Oracle Cards or when I hear the song, “Brave,” by Sara Bareilles, or the story of Monica George, or the other reminders I encounter on a daily basis to open my heart or be courageous.

I am grateful for these reminders.

Oprah’s Spirituality 101
Monica George – Mom Warrior

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Prompt: Tuesday, January 28, 2014
Which of your responsibilities stress you out the most?

Familial responsibilities have a way of getting to me, especially during trying times. Although I can remain pretty calm even when things are really bad, it is when the others are having a hard time that can really get to me.

Yesterday morning, when Auntie J received the news that her husband had a cardiac arrest (although revived), she let out a soulful wail and broke down. Auntie would joke that she and I are similar and I should have been her kid.

Hearing her yesterday morning, I think I may do the same, faced with similar scenarios. I am working on having a truly, unwaveringly open heart, but I am really scared.

I know I am the type to love with all of me; hence, the reason why I fear to love and have never been in love. I fear that loving fully this way may break me. It has been a daily process for me to work on releasing this fear because I do want to be with my Imzadi and have my little family one day.

I can deal with anything that comes my way. I know I am strong and capable, but anything to do with family is what stresses me out the most, because it is a very important part of my life.

clearheartLast night, I was helping someone who was in very much emotional pain. The kind that impinged on her self-worth… the kind where all hurts converged and they weighed her down to the bottom of the sea of despair.

While during this painful episode, she did some things that I would call self-sabotage, and wanted to continue to make more like decisions. Those would eventually hurt her even more.

I understand how she felt. I’ve been there before, many times, but here are some things I’ve asked her to do and some things I’ve learned to do to help myself:

1. Remember someone important


We are so much more than what we have experienced thus far. We are worthy of love, blessings, and miracles. We must remember how important we are.

We must remember that only we can love ourselves that way we need to be loved.  We need to love ourselves so much that no one can take that away from us or allow ourselves to give our self-worth and our self-love away.  We can love others so much more, if we have loads of it inside.

If you can’t remember, go to #2…

2. Reach out to someone

Reach out to someone who care about you.  Someone who can tell you the truth to your face when you need to hear it, but can listen and be compassionate, when you need that more.  They will help you remember #1.

3. Do something good for yourself

We need to do things on a regular basis that make us feel good like reading, laughing, cooking, writing, journaling, meditating, running, walking, singing, whatever they may be… We need to do something loving for ourselves, especially when we are in pain.

4.  Don’t make any decisions (especially rash ones) while emotional

We can be our own worse enemies when we are hurt. We can get in the way of our own happiness or do self-sabotaging things. If we decide when we are emotionally in pain, we might make decisions that can hurt us in the end or we will regret.  Wait… Sleep on it.  Wait until you have a clear heart.

5.  Enact a “Feel Good” day

This day (and it could be a few hours) is an uninterrupted “me” time.  Schedule these days as you need them.  These “Feel Good” days are days when you do everything you enjoy and love, unplugged or not.  (You can expand it to be “Feel Good Us” day or “Feel Good Family” day too)

I am grateful to be of help to someone dear last night. I am grateful to share some techniques that may be helpful to you or someone you know, in whole or in part.

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Credit: OWN Network, Super Soul Sunday

Photo Credit: Oprah Winfrey’s OWN Network,
Super Soul Sunday

Today was lucky. I decided to look up lottery results for my pile of tickets and I won forty-three dollars!  That’s $43 more than I had before.  How cool!

It was also lucky that “Super Soul Sunday’s” Soul To Soul 2 episode was still available for me to watch today on On Demand.  I have written in many posts how much I love “Super Soul Sunday.” For me, it’s uplifting, inspiring, and is telling that it matters not the gender, race, religion, etc… we are all connected.

In Soul To Soul 2, Oprah recaps some of today’s top thinkers, teachers, and spiritual leaders’ answers to life’s big questions such as: What is the difference between spirituality and religion? What is the soul? What happens when we die?  What does the world need?

For the last question, I think the world needs more kindness.  I believe that an act of kindness, however small, can open a heart, which leads to more acts of kindness, and more opening of hearts.


Do you remember this little envelope from The Acts of Kindness Advent Calendar, Pay It Forward Day?  There’s still money in it. There are others keeping “Pay It Forward” alive. It is very heartwarming to know and actually see this happening.

What do you think the world needs?

Super Soul Sunday
Super Soul Sunday’s Soul To Soul 2 – Asking Life’s Big Questions

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Nearly 6 months ago, I went to an Art/Play exhibit by Ragged Wing Ensemble to support some new friends.  As we walked in, we were given a pen and some tags to add our thoughts to some interactive displays on the wall.  I would like to share a couple of my responses.

The first three pictures were for the display “When I met (meet) the love of my life I was (I will be)…

loveofmylife2The two circles at the very top were written by the parents of one of my new friends. They were so adorable. The first said, “I was 19 and he was 21. That’s 59 years ago.” The second one said, “We have remained Friends, Lovers, and Companions since 1953.” How cute, right? I love it the most that they have been all three–Friends, Lovers, and Companions!


This couple may have already celebrated 60 years together. That is a great feat. With so many divorces out there, it is always so nice to meet couples, or hear about couples, celebrating 10, 20, to up to 60+ years of marriage!


Back then, I was working on self-love, but at that time, I didn’t yet realize that only I had the power to open my heart. I am grateful that I realized my power!


For this second display, I wrote that I was still waiting for “my Imzadi.” The term, “Imzadi” is from Star Trek: The Next Generation (I love Star Wars too). It is a Betazoid term meaning “the first person with whom one has shared not only physical intimacy, but spiritual intimacy as well.” It is synonymous to “Beloved.”

I am grateful for the anticipation of one day meeting my Imzadi!


Ragged Wing Ensemble

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hopeI first heard of Anne Lamott from my good friend, S, and she gave me her latest book, Help. Thanks. Wow: The Three Essential Prayers. In it, Anne wrote that asking for help, giving thanks for what we have, and being amazed at all the beauty that surrounds us are the three ways that spiritually connects us with the Higher Power and give us hope during trying times.

My cable company had four past episodes of Super Soul Sunday available, and two of those were with Anne Lamott, so I watched the first part today.

Near the end of part one, Anne Lamott spoke about hope after she recalled a conversation she had with a priest about her friend, Pammy, who was dying 20 years ago.  She asked the priest if God would help Pammy when she crossed over, if Pammy’s young daughter would be okay, and if she would see Pammy again one day.

“He said, ‘I hope so.’ And I never forgot that, because we live in the hope — in the hope of truth, in the hope of light, in the hope of spiritual healing. Because first of all, to hope makes you so vulnerable. If your heart is open, it’s going to get bruised and knocked around the world, and life is going to knock you around. But to hope, it is to be a child again,” Ms. Lamott shared.

What Anne Lamott said reminded me of Dr. Brené Brown’s take on vulnerability. “To love someone fiercely, to believe in something with your whole heart, to celebrate a fleeting moment in time, to fully engage in a life that doesn’t come with guarantees – these are risks that involve vulnerability and often pain. But, I’m learning that recognizing and leaning into the discomfort of vulnerability teaches us how to live with joy, gratitude and grace.” 

Having an open heart is opening yourself up to anything and everything, good and bad, and hoping is believing that no matter what, all will be well.

I am grateful for hope.


Super Soul Sunday with Anne Lamott

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clearheartOnce in a while, when I have a question, I would pick up a book, open it randomly, and read what I get.  The book that I chose this afternoon was Sonia Choquette’s The Answer Is Simple…  Love Yourself, Live your Spirit!  I haven’t quite read it yet, but I really like the title.

It opened up to page 82 of the chapter, “The Heart of the Matter,” and at the top of the page, it said, “I felt sad for her. Her closed heart had driven away an opportunity to experience love.”  I couldn’t help thinking then that this would have been a great quote for two of my previous posts. ;D

What really caught my eye was a new section at the bottom of the page called “Have a Clear Heart.”  Sonia Choquette wrote that “love is broken down into four basic expressions of true Spirit, corresponding to the four chambers of the heart: the open heart, the clear heart, the wise heart, and the courageous heart.”

According to Sonia, the open heart corresponds to your Divine inner child; whereas, the clear heart corresponds to your Divine inner adult.  If we have a clear heart, we could easily walk past drama and self-pity.  We could be objective, reasonable, and look at life without bias and not take it too personally.

For example, if you are unhappy about a situation, instead of asking Why is this happening to me?, you should ask Why is this happening? What can I learn from this?

I like the concept, because sometimes we do fall into situations where we are swimming in emotions and can’t see past through the drama to figure out what truly caused it… not until we allow the waves of emotions to pass and we can sit down and think about what had just happened.

Another example Sonia gave was what happens when our heart is clouded with strong emotions and we act on them.  This is when we hurt our relationships with others.  She advised that “whenever you find yourself caught in the turbulence of a strong emotion, let it flow and know that it will eventually calm down.  You’re best able to make sound, self-loving choices when your emotions are quiet.”

I think we all have acted on strong emotions at one point in our lives, maybe more.  I feel grateful to have come upon the section on how to have a clear heart. As I move towards life with an open heart, I feel I am now armed with extra knowledge on how to traverse any obstacles (especially emotionally driven ones) by keeping my heart clear.

11/14/13 note: Please follow this link to read about the lesson I learned about having a clear heart.


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