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NaBloPoMo March 2014

Wednesday, March 5, 2014
When or where do you feel most like yourself?

I think that I am most like myself when I am alone by myself.  When I am alone by myself and doing something cool or I am passionate about, that’s a pretty happy and joyful time for me.  Not that I am a loner, but it’s also important to have your own thing, separate from others, that feed your soul.

Also, for some reason, ever since my last medical leave where I did a mind, body, and spirit overhaul, I have become much more emotional.  This, I think is partly due to my work on being more grateful for many things in my life on a daily basis, and for expecting miracles as well, however big or small.  The other part is due to allowing myself to experience and give in to my emotions more.

I’m still getting used to this, especially when I read or watch something that touches my heart, I find tears rolling down my cheeks immediately.  This just happened after I watched the new episode, on demand, of the “Little Couple” when they picked up their new daughter in India.  There was a scene when their toddler son, Will, kissed his new sister’s foot and then did a lot of big brother stuff, as well as sharing and welcoming her.  It was so heartwarming.

So it seems that being more emotional is becoming a part of me now, and hope to start getting used to that too.

NaBloPoMo March 2014

Tuesday, March 4, 2014
How is your writing voice like you? How does your writing voice differ from you?

My writing voice is like me because I do like to write about what I am passionate about. One day, I really should start writing about food, because I was told by a co-worker that when I speak about food, my eyes light up.

My writing voice makes more sense than me sometimes, because it takes a bit longer to get things on paper (or screen), and allows for editing.  😉  Sometimes my brain seems to run on nox, so it is better if I pause before I speak, but when I am excited, I just speak while trying to catch up to my brain.

NaBloPoMo March 2014

Monday, March 3, 2013
Tell us five interesting things about yourself.

1.  English is my third language. I can speak four languages, and I hope to be able to speak seven languages in my lifetime.  I would also like to learn enough Cantonese to be able to order and shop in Chinatown to get the best deals.

2. I traveled by myself in Asia, using Japan as my base, for three months.  I learned so much about myself, my faith in prayer and God was renewed, and I was lucky to try so many different food and things.  However, I ran away from stinky tofu in Hong Kong, and I still regret that. Next time I have a chance to go to Hong Kong again, I will have to try it.

3.  I went to a country (South Korea), and stayed for a week, without knowing the language and survived! Yay!  I learned how strong I was and how much I could count on myself.

4.  I have an interesting ability to recreate dishes through taste.  I try to taste spices and ingredients to know their individual tastes to help me distinguish each component in dishes.

5.  I rarely sing in public (due to stage fright I am facing).  My range is soprano.

NaBloPoMo March 2014January and February, with all that the family and extended family went through, had been a hard time for NaBloPoMo for me.  I was able to finish January properly, using prompts, but in February, I only posted my gratitude posts.

Things have settled down a lot more and we are experiencing more celebrations courtesy of healing and prayers, but it’s great to have time to participate in things like NaBloPoMo again.  I am grateful for March’s NaBloPoMo on “Self,” which I hope will help me get to know myself a lot more.

I am grateful for the food that Mom had dropped off to me so I wouldn’t have to worry about what to eat while sick. 🙂

I spent all of Saturday reading a little and watching gobs of TV. Since I do not really have a chance to watch TV, I was able to catch up on some shows and find some new ones (to catch up on another day). Even mini panther came to sit with and watch TV with me.

I really like TV shows that are heartwarming, so I found “About A Boy” and “Growing Up Fisher” really sweet. They were inspired by true stories as well. I wonder how they will evolve.

I am grateful to have some time to myself and have a chance to care for myself–even if all I did was watch a lot of TV shows.

I am still learning to take better care of myself, but I am grateful that I decided to take care of myself today. I was not at all feeling good, and before, I would have worked through illness, but I am glad I decided to take care of myself.

(For 2/28/14)

Image courtesy of

I love coconut oil! It has so many uses, and it especially leaves my skin so soft and moisturized, especially since cold weather can be harsh on my skin. (I’m not a fan of using it as a coffee creamer though…)

Look what else you can use it for:
101 Uses For Coconut Oil

Something unexpected came in through snail mail! A “thank you” card!

It came from Uncle M‘s brother’s wife, who came to care for her husband, who was hospitalized here in the U. S. after visiting Uncle M.

Besides a lovely message of “thanks,” she also wrote down how we met.

A few weeks ago, I had asked my cousin if they needed anything before I visited the hospital. She asked me to purchase lunch for an Auntie L who had stayed overnight and she gave me a different hospital room. I had thought Uncle M was moved to another room.

I brought a bagful of food and water to the new room, and met Auntie L. That was when I found out that Uncle M‘s brother was hospitalized again–this time at the same hospital as Uncle M. She diverted me to Auntie J, who was with Uncle M in his room, and eventually, I sat with both Auntie J and Auntie L in the cafeteria, while they entertained me with some stories about their husbands.

It is always wonderful to meet new family members… They are family, even if not blood. To me, we are all connected.

I am grateful for the gift of cooking. I love to cook and create dishes. I also enjoy recreating dishes I encounter, by look and taste. Cooking is one of my many outlets and passions, and allows me to be creative, even when on a diet.

For dinner to share, I made salad with cilantro dressing. I am not into beans overly much, but I added white kidney beans for protein with shredded parmesan cheese and lightly salted fried onions. I also made crab, clams, and corn soup.

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