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I finished the 6-week course of May Cause Miracles by Gabrielle Bernstein.  This book helped me go through and release a lot of my remaining fears, as well as forgive a lot more.

The exercise that really made an impact was the last forgiveness exercise in week 6 where you write a letter of forgiveness to the person or organization that hurt you the most. I tweaked the exercise a little and wrote forgiveness letters to everyone that still seemed to have a hold on me and included the following:

  • What the person did that hurt me
  • Why I am still angry or resentful
  • I forgive the person
  • Why I forgive the person

I wrote the letters in document form. Once I was done and I reread them, I made the decision to release all the letters and the pain associated with them.  Then I deleted the file.

Afterwards, I felt so liberated, and it’s been a couple of days, and I still feel liberated.  The remaining pain, anger, and resentment I kept were all released, and I believe it was because I wrote down exactly how I was hurt, why I was still angry or resentful, and the reason for forgiveness… which was, in most cases, because I no longer wanted to suffer and be angry or resentful anymore.  I just wanted to move on and be happy.  Had I known I could feel so free, I would have done this ages ago!

I am grateful for writing those forgiveness letters. They truly did set me free!

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Today was full of miracles, and it helped that I was on a lookout for them.

So far, in week 2 of May Cause Miracles, the work I am doing on myself has gotten a lot easier. I learned so much more about myself since I started, and I was able to let go of fears that I didn’t know was still hanging around.

One of my friends, Jenny, was worried about me doing this right now. I am full-time working, full-time healing, and it’s the holidays. I joked and said, “I am an overachiever,” but like in my previous note on Fear, I had to do it… for myself. I have been gifted so much more peace, better perspectives, clarity, and another shift in awareness. What better gifts for me to receive for the holidays?

20131221-092811.jpg 20131221-092823.jpg
Yesterday’s Act of Kindness was to pay it forward. Here are a couple of pictures of what I did. The vending machine idea was an example from the prompt.

One of my co-workers lost money in the vending machine. I thought he wasn’t in the office, so I had to run away after slipping it on his desk. I got caught though.

Last night, I heard the most beautiful voice. Here is Friar Alessandro singing “Panis Angelicus.”

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(For 12/20/13)

surrender“I surrender. Today I turn over all the fearful projections that I have placed upon myself. I release all self-doubt and attack today. In this moment, I choose to let it all go. I am willing to be guided to new projections. I am willing to love myself again. Inner Guide, please take the steering wheel and show me how to truly surrender my fear so I can wholeheartedly love myself again.”

That was today’s morning reflection from May Cause Miracles.  After over one week of doing the exercises from the book, I realized that there were some holes in my self-love.  I’m not happy about that realization, but at least I know and can do something about them.

When we are working on learning to love ourselves… it’s not until we are faced with certain situations, such as dating, new or current relationships (friendships, romantic, work, etc), holidays, doing exercises in books like May Cause Miracles, etc., do we get to see how much our work on ourselves has progressed.  It’s tested, but we have the choice to continue to work on ourselves.

Working to love ourselves is one of the hardest things we can do… for ourselves, but the willingness to surrender to love… to choose to release all fears, self-doubts, self-attack, and pain is a huge leap in the process. It’s the willingness… the choice to willingly face all our inner demons, makes up over 50% of the work already.

So I am grateful for the willingness to continue to work on myself and my self-love, even when I realized that I still have a lot to work on. 🙂

My Saturday was completely packed and I was so glad it was. Week one exercises of May Cause Miracles were tough so far, and even Day 6–even if it was all about miracles.

In May Cause Miracles, Gabrielle Bernstein wrote that a miracle is “simply a shift in perception. The moment we choose to let go of fear and choose love instead, a miracle occurs.”

Maintaining a loving perspective 24/7, 365 days a year is extremely hard. I don’t know how the Dalai Lama does it, but maybe he can bottle that up and give us some! 😉

The closest way I can think of doing this most of the time is to be constantly aware–so when a fear or a negative emotion comes in, I could stop it and turn it back to love.

Sometimes the fear or emotion can be nagging, and when that happens, I have to do more to turn things around. There would be a point when I would allow myself to completely feel the emotion, then start a letting go process, and then followed by forgiveness. Most of the time, the works. Sometimes, I have to do the steps several times.

When I am busy though, and busy doing stuff for others like today, it becomes even easier to be in a loving space.

Today, I am grateful being busy. When my mind is occupied helping others, it’s easier for love to settle in, and when that happens, fear can’t.

(For 12/14/13)

I am grateful that I am willing to work on the exercises from May Cause Miracles, even though facing my fears is pretty tough work. I do welcome any chance to improve myself, but I have to admit that it can bring with it some emotional pain.

This self-work, however, will pave for better perspectives, more self-love, and increased awareness so I can choose love, rather than fear.

I am also grateful and very honored to be nominated by Ultra Love Solutions for the WordPress Family Award. This award made my day! I would like to spend more time on this great honor so please be on a look out for a post on it.


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Award nomination from Ultra Love Solutions

(For 12/13/13)

NoFearInLoveThis morning, I woke up less at peace and more at fear and anger.  I tried to meditate them away, but I couldn’t shake them.  The more I thought about what I was feeling, the more I felt I was feeding the fear and anger, and the more I couldn’t contain them. After over an hour of trying to deal with this problem, I decided to get up and get ready for work.

As I was leaving the house, I decided to bring a book, and chose one of the new books I had purchased online and recently delivered.  The book I wanted to read first was Spirit Junkie by Gabrielle Bernstein, but I didn’t want to go back to my bedroom to get it.  So, I decided to bring May Cause Miracles, also by Gabrielle Bernstein.  I didn’t really know much about this particular book, but I liked the title.

Again, at work, I was plagued. I, again, tried to just quiet the mind, but it was hard.  The anger also became anger at myself for feeling fear and anger, and for not being able to let them go.

At lunch, I opened my book, and it was as if I was meant to bring this book and read it today.

The book is a 40-day guidebook on living a miraculous life. The teaching is based on the book, a Course in Miracles, which I felt was too heavy still for me to read and digest.

So why did it feel like I was meant to read this today?

Week one exercises help in identifying the fear that prevent someone from living a life based on the principle of love.

The first step is to understand your fear.  Then you need the willingness to face the fear and let go of it.  Gabrielle wrote, “when we become open to letting go of our fear, we open our heart, mind, and energy to be guided to a new perspective.”

There are three other important components that are needed in order to live a miraculous life.  They are gratitude, forgiveness, and love.  Here is what Gabrielle says about them.

On gratitude… “To transform your fears back to love, you must embrace a grateful way of being.”

On forgiveness… “With each choice to forgive, we shift our perception from fear to love.”

On love… “A Course in Miracles teaches that the only thing missing in any situation is love, and where there is fear there is no love.  Therefore, living with an open heart and embracing love as our true purpose is essential to living a miraculous life.”

After reading the passage on gratitude, forgiveness, and love, I suddenly felt a feeling of love and peace.  I laid the book down for a bit and was just thankful… thankful that I chose to purchase this book… thankful that I chose this book to bring with me today.  I needed it, and I started day 1 today, and after I post this, I will be doing the evening exercise.

I am grateful for feeling fear today, for it led me to May Cause Miracles, and it is yet another way for me to continue to learn how to live in love, and live a miraculous life.

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