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For lunch, I went into an Asian Market to pick up some lunch. The cashier told me to go back and put more food in my box. She wanted to ensure I got my $9’s worth. LOL! Gotta love that!

(for 2/10/15)

I ended up sleeping in due to watching movies rather than sleeping on my flight and from playing in the rain… I love the rain…

So I ended up eating a local favorite for lunch! Fish Fry! Look at the size of the fish!

I also had Birch Beer, because I have never had it before. The server had given me a taste of it before I committed to it. It is a stronger flavored root beer.

20141008-204008.jpgBacon Spinach salad with poppy seed dressing! Oh Yum!

20140805-164642.jpgI am grateful for this beautiful and healthy lunch!

Spinach, candied pecans, dried cranberries, and bleu cheese with a raspberry vinaigrette dressing.

20140627-194522.jpgI came in very early, when the City by the Bay was just starting to bustle.

20140627-194626.jpgI opted for a window seat at the training center. How do you like the view?

20140627-194641.jpgI walked around at lunch, but couldn’t find my old haunts. It has been some time since I’ve strolled down Market St. I decided to pick up a quick lunch at a deli.

It was a great day, today, and not so cold at all. I was grateful to be in San Francisco and to have had some face to face time with work friends.

Breakfast: Panera’s egg white, avocado and spinach breakfast sandwich with sausage patty

Lunch: Snow White Roll (crab and tempura shrimp roll, topped with spicy tuna, albacore slices, tobiko, spicy mayo, and unagi sauce)

20140618-204618.jpgI am grateful and happy for a lunch treat by work friend, PDJ.

20140617-220759.jpgSomething funny happened today. One of my co-workers came by my desk and…

PDJ: Can you treat me to lunch?😎
Me: I guess..? πŸ˜“
PDJ: Thanks! I forgot my wallet! πŸ˜†
Me: Not a problem. 😌
PDJ: Can you drive too? 😁
Me: I suppose… πŸ˜₯

I am not a pushover. Maybe overly nice, but definitely not a pushover. Besides, he’s one of my big brothers at work. And yup, not a pushover!

I am grateful, he’s grateful! LOL

Lunch was Vietnamese rice vermicelli with grilled pork and spring rolls.

20140608-231942.jpgThai Lunch!

20140601-210842.jpgI made lunch and shared a meal with the Family unit. Ponzu beef ribs, roasted veggies, chanwanmushi using chicken broth and rotisserie chicken, and Sichuan boiled fish.

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