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20140817-184120.jpgOne of the “must do” in Lily Dale for me was to visit the Healing Temple. As an energetic healer, I wanted to know how others healed–as I have never seen another healer work before.

The other, and most important, reason I wanted to visit the Healing Temple was to receive healing. Not for myself, but for my Mom and Uncle M.

I was able to visit the Healing Temple on my last day in Lily Dale. I had visited it a few hours earlier to tie prayer ribbons on the Prayer Tree, but I have never observed or sat for a healing outside of the Spiritual training I received over the weekend.

When it was my turn, I prayed and opened myself to be a vessel for healing. The Healer and I prayed, and then I felt the heat from
Healer’s hands, even when they didn’t touch me. I felt warmth enclosed me. Afterwards, we did a closing prayer of thanks.

I had transferred the healing portion to my Mom a few days ago, and today, I visited Uncle M with Auntie J to transfer the second portion.

Uncle M is doing better. He no longer needs assistance with his breathing, but he still has a trach. We know this will be a very slow healing process for him, but we are hopeful, and I am hoping that this effort will add to what I am doing.

20140814-145551.jpgI am grateful for my last full day in Lily Dale, New York. I prayed and I played. I traipsed in the forest and meditated there. I chased after butterflies, dragonflies, black squirrels, lazy cats, writing on stones, and the elusive Bigfoot.

20140814-150443.jpgI shopped for quartz and some souvenirs, and lastly, prayed at the Healing Temple, where I also added ribbons for those I prayed for to the Prayer Tree.

20140814-150453.jpgIt got a little cold at night, so had (ahem…) cup o’noodles with a great view of the lake.

The Prayer Tree

(For 8/11/14)

20140809-124127.jpgLily Dale is bringing out the Inner Child in me. It keeps wanting to play, enjoy, and discover!

I had to play in the swing and let the sun kiss me all over with its warmth!

20140809-075800.jpgI am grateful to be at one of the most Spiritual places in the world, and taking training in a vortex of light. How cool is that?

The energy is different here. Almost like Alaska, with its serene beauty. There is peace, calm, and hum of loving energy.

I almost didn’t make it. My red-eye was delayed in leaving because of a malfunction, and when we arrived, the jetway malfunctioned so I missed my last plane. All flights to my Buffalo were full, and I was wait-listed for the next flight. Without going into detail, it was a lesson for trust for me, but I secured the last seat.

(For 8/8/14)

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