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Be brave! Be fierce! Be open! Be love!

“True love is an act of total surrender.” –Paulo Coelho

20140818-202231.jpgDay 8 – Living Joy

Today’s quote is from Henri J.M. Nouwen. “Joy does not simply happen to us. We have to choose joy and keep choosing it every day.”

Today’s centering thought is we are here to enjoy.

Today’s Sanskrit mantra is Shree Ram, which means “I embody happiness and vitality.”

From today’s message:
It is natural to express our joys, to share our happiness with others. Watch how young children innocently display their happiness and delight. As adults we have learned to be more guarded with expressing our emotions, even our positive ones, and this has the effect of limiting the positive influence of our happiness in our lives. We need to give ourselves permission to be, to live and feel life as we are.”

The second week of Oprah and Deepak Chopra’s Expanding Your Happiness Meditation Experience is about living joy, inspired, peace, love, playfulness, hope, peace, and wholeness. The eight day focused on how to live with joy.

Oprah shared that joy “is the highest expression of Spirit. When you open up and allow your light to shine, you’re expressing the grandest and most powerful state of well-being imaginable.”

Deepak reinforced, “give yourself permission to experience your joy whenever you feel it. Many people feel uneasy showing too much feeling around others, preferring to be self-contained. They don’t want to attract undue attention to themselves. But you can develop a new perspective, seeing that when you express your joy, you are nurturing your personal reality and therefore reaching a higher state of well-being.”

As mentioned in past posts, I believe in reincarnation. I believe that it is a gift to be reincarnated, not only could we heal past karma with others and grow spiritually in the process, but it is also a gift that we are able to taste, explore, feel, and experience life.

I still sometimes feel self-conscious about expressing joy. I think I will work on pulling down the remaining walls I have to self-containing my joy, and see where that will take me.

Who knows… Maybe the other people around me will join in. 😊

Visit The Chopra Center to sign up for the free 21-day meditation experience.

(Image and course information are courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

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20140806-233330.jpgDay 17 – Accepting Every Part Of Me

Thought for the day: As I am willing to accept all of me, I am more willing to accept more of you

Daily Quote:
Trust does not mean that everything will be all right. Trust means everything is already all right. Trust knows no future; trust knows only the present. The moment you think of the future, it is already distrust.” ~Osho

Today’s message from Osho is about accepting all that is the Self.

We comprise of good and bad, dark and light, and beauty and ugly. In order to be whole, we must accept all of us. The minute we reject a part of ourselves, we judge ourselves, and this keeps us from being kind, loving, and compassionate toward ourselves… and others.

Everything starts with our own selves. If we cannot accept ourselves fully, we won’t be able to accept another. If we cannot love ourselves for all that we are, we won’t be able to love someone that way also.

Acceptance is letting go and allowing. It is allowing our authentic self to shine. So let’s shine on and be our beautiful, authentic selves. Let’s make our own unique mark in this world.

Excerpt from the course
The moment you judge a part of yourself, you are dividing yourself into two. You are a whole. All these tricks you have learned about division have to be dropped. You have learned to divide yourself into the godly part and the devilish part, the good and the bad, the high and the low. Drop all divisions. That’s what acceptance means. Acceptance means there is no question of condemnation and whatever is the case, you accept it. Suddenly, there comes a transformation in your being.”

(Disclaimer: All images and meditations are from Osho’s 21-day meditation series by Mentors Channel.)

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20140717-224211.jpgI ran into someone at work who was visibly upset. She was dealing with a lot of changes in her life and she was feeling like she had lost control of some things in it.

When she said, “I just don’t feel any control about this…,” was when a lightbulb lit up over my head, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was being given an opportunity to learn more about what I was trying to learn myself.

“Oh…” I said and smiled. “I can’t believe I am about to say this…”

20140717-224224.jpgAnd so the student, dealing with this phenomenon said…

“Sometimes, you just don’t. That’s when you have to let go, and trust. Trust in the natural unfolding of things.”

We spoke some more, and I plan on checking in on her more as she deals with the changes in her life. I told her we can work on our letting go of control together, so that she doesn’t feel alone.

Sometimes you get an opportunity to teach something you are learning, so you can learn it better.

Disclaimer: The “Letting Go Of Control Issues” is from Doreen Virtue’s The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

20140708-220955.jpgSometimes, in order to travel light, you need to release some baggages. Sometimes those baggages come as hopes and dreams that you put a lot of expectations on–the kinds that if they do not come to pass, it will make you go backwards.

Sometimes, you need to see your hopes and dreams set on fire–better yet, if you were the one who lit them and released them, with a clear heart and mind…

Surrender, let go, release… For the highest good of all…

20140708-202516.jpgAfter dinner, I went to one of my favorite places to hang out for some quiet contemplation and to enjoy the setting sun.

Our world is so beautiful. I’m glad to have moments like this just to simply enjoy it. Just be… Let go…

20140613-195151.jpg“Leave the past behind. Let Hope guide you to a sunny new tomorrow.”

When all else fails, hope gets us where we need to go most. So take a deep breath, and just let go…

20140411-011701.jpgI am thankful, and very grateful, for the entire 21 days of Oprah & Deepak’s Finding Your Flow meditation experience.  When I had decided to redo my Trust The Flow #1 project, I was worried if I could truly do it. I had a hard time before.

Luckily, Finding Your Flow came at the right time.  It made surrendering, letting go, and going with the flow, a whole lot easier. I felt “supported.”  I felt “empowered.”  Even through some really tough times.

I was glad I signed up. I was glad I was diligent each day. I was glad I opened my heart and mind to the teaching and experience.

I loved it, and 21 days of my 45-day Trust The flow #1 project, went much smoother because of Finding Your Flow.

Visit The Chopra Center Meditation for more information on available meditation experiences.

(Image courtesy of The Chopra Center.)

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20140426-182013.jpgI like the image above. It is so funny, and I can honestly say, I have done this a couple of times, too.

I like a clean house though. Even at work, I have the cleanest cubicle. I can’t function well in a disorganized place.

As I am still healing and trying not to exacerbate anything, and most of all, learning to be gentle with my body, cleaning my house means I have to do them in steps, and sometimes over several days.

So while I was putting a bag of brown sugar into a shelf (okay, I need to come clean and tell you that I was throwing the bag into a shelf about 5 feet up), it broke and sugar spilled on my counter and newly mopped floor… I was happy that I just laughed at the situation.

Why was I happy? Because I automatically shrugged it off and went with the flow of it. Which means I am becoming a little more comfortable with the whole “surrender” and “going with the flow” thing. Kinda cool, right? So that is most definitely something to be grateful for. Now to clean the sugary mess!

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