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20140810-000105.jpg300 gratitude posts! How fast time flew! In 65 more days, I would check off another bucket list item, but the wonderful feeling for me was that I have found 300 unique but personal things, experiences, and ways to honor people. Gratitudes have changed my life in tremendous ways.

Another life changing experience occurred during training today. Today was one of the hardest, yet satisfying training and learning experiences I have ever encountered in my life. For one thing, I have found the name of the way I do my healing. I also received healing from others, which I have never experienced before. I was always the one healing.

The growth I am experiencing through the training has been intense, and my life will never be the same.

20140717-224211.jpgI ran into someone at work who was visibly upset. She was dealing with a lot of changes in her life and she was feeling like she had lost control of some things in it.

When she said, “I just don’t feel any control about this…,” was when a lightbulb lit up over my head, and I didn’t know whether to laugh or cry. I was being given an opportunity to learn more about what I was trying to learn myself.

“Oh…” I said and smiled. “I can’t believe I am about to say this…”

20140717-224224.jpgAnd so the student, dealing with this phenomenon said…

“Sometimes, you just don’t. That’s when you have to let go, and trust. Trust in the natural unfolding of things.”

We spoke some more, and I plan on checking in on her more as she deals with the changes in her life. I told her we can work on our letting go of control together, so that she doesn’t feel alone.

Sometimes you get an opportunity to teach something you are learning, so you can learn it better.

Disclaimer: The “Letting Go Of Control Issues” is from Doreen Virtue’s The Romance Angels Oracle Cards.

20140523-164044.jpgWhen I saw the little leaf, I wanted to pluck it to admire it, but I saw the other and bigger leaves, and thought it would be wrong to do so, because then the baby leaf wouldn’t be able to grow and become bigger and mature.

As I walked away, my mind drifted to a situation in my life that seemed to either become stagnant one day or go backwards for me the next, even when it had started to look up. Somehow, during my walk, my mind went back to the little leaf, and I realized that maybe my situation is still a baby, and still needed to grow… Like some things were needed to come into play before my situation could fully unfold.

Divine timing has been something I have been learning, and I think maybe, I received a lesson today. Thank you, Little Leaf! 🌱


I have decided to work on a bucket list item.  This one is pretty hard and is a Soulful Adventure.  I won’t tell you yet what I am working on, but I want to let you know so that you can be my witness.

I have decided to do this for 30 days, with the first day starting tomorrow, January 6. I will be journaling my experience each day.  If I extend it, it means two things for me…  1. I am having a hard time with it and really need to make more of an effort or 2. I am seeing some real learning and growth, and I want to experience more.  I will give you a brief  report on the 30th day with either what I have learned and accomplished, or if I need to extend this venture and why.

This is a very hard bucket list item for me, but I have decided to really be present for it.  There might be tears, but there might be a lot of smiles as well, but there will be a lot of soulful growth and learning for me, and possibly, another positive change in me.

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