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20140720-073736.jpgI get what I ask for.

I am in the process of a huge shift in spiritual (soul) growth. Most of the stuff I am facing I certainly asked for.

I learned before that I need to be a master of my thoughts. That what I focus on, I will attract.

When you are dealing with a lot of lessons, some emotionally charged, being the “master of my thoughts” sometimes go out the door.

Yet, I knew in the back on my mind, I need to stop and focus.

Well, I am tired of attracting the stuff I don’t want, so I am making a conscious decision to focus on what I want instead.

It takes the same amount of energy to focus on what I want as what I don’t want, but the former will be less stressful. Why do I always seem to forget that when emotions get in the way?

So I have decided to rewire and refocus… And I am grateful for all the reminders that seem to lead me to this conscious decision. Someone’s watching out for me up there, and He seems to be saying “snap out of this. You have a choice.”

20140603-225441.jpgSome people would probably like having a refrigerator and freezer full of food. So do I, but it became another lesson for me.

I realized that when I feel a lack in my life, something gets “filled.” It’s almost like emotional eating or its opposite, self-denial.

Yesterday, I came upon a Law of Attraction called the Law of Paradoxical Intent. I really didn’t get it much except that maybe it was feeding my self-sabotage, until that is… I looked inside my fridge this afternoon.

I used to joke that I had a couple of past lives when I was a child who starved to death to explain why I feel the need to always have a stock of food. I love to cook and I share my cooking with others, and most of the time I stock up when there are really good deals, but I realized that I do tend to buy more and stock when I am feeling a lack, and it saddened me, because I have been working so hard on the concept of abundance.

I didn’t know that I had hidden beliefs that were going against what I have been so hard at work to do. I had been self-sabotaging my efforts, feeling less than deserving, so I was filling my life in some way to compensate. Facing that has been interesting, but I am glad and grateful for the lesson, because now I know… and I can turn this all around for me and heal.

20140423-064158.jpgI am grateful for what I see each day when I leave my bedroom.

This was given to me by my good friend, G, as an additional (and surprise) Christmas gift, when I had to take down some Emile Bellet Lithographs because Fengshui-wise and Law of Attraction-wise, I was sending the wrong message. I am single, and lone pictures of women (however empowering) on my wall, may be sending a conflicting message to the universe of what I really wanted. So off they went. This was the first piece (and the only one so far) to replace the others. I chose this as my Happy Days day 4 image.

It reminds me of how lucky I am to have such a good friend. It reminds me to do better, be better each day. I am grateful, always, for that. Choose happiness!

Emile Bellet (I love his technique of using four colors and a palette knife to “paint”)

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