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imageI am grateful for another yummy birthday dinner. Thank you!

20140530-192710.jpgBoneless prime short rib slices. Great with ponzu. Beef! It’s what’s for dinner!

#100HappyDays #Karubi #Shortrib

20140427-125000.jpgChawanmushi! It’s a Japanese dish akin to a steamed, savory egg custard.

#100Happy Days #chawanmushi #steamedegg #egg #yummy

The Recipe

I am unsure if I should be grateful for this or not! LOL I blame you, S! HaHa

RR Cherrypie’s videos are so kawaii (cute) from candy making to playing with miniature foods. It’s remarkable how much stuff are available in Japan for creative fun!

What do you think of some of the vids?

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