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20140609-233059.jpgSo yum! Glad they make mini ones!

Yesterday, my manager was at my work building rather than in San Francisco. In our staff meeting, he mentioned where he was, and I asked, “was it for the ice cream?” To which, he laughed. We had an employee appreciation ice cream social at my building, you see.

During the recognition portion of the meeting, he announced that he was getting up to walk a few steps to hand me a milestone award. One of the reason why he was on-site. How cool, right?

If you have been following for awhile, you know that I love food–to talk about it, to create it, to play with it, etc. So… I got a little distracted by the free ice cream yesterday, and forgot about my award! HaHa!

I think that the fountain at work is serving as a water hole for some of God’s creatures! These geese stopped by (I am unsure which, but one of them is known to preen in front of the reflective walls of the building), and I managed to take an image of how the crow drinks from the fountain. How clever!


Tonight, I went to a family friend’s viewing and prayer. I can’t fathom what it is like to lose a parent. I can understand a little of the pain, having lost three grandparents within 4 years, but not that kind of a loss, and hopefully, not for a long time.

I listened to Uncle N‘s four boys talk about their “Papa”, their memories with him, what they’ve learned from him, and what they hope to be… Their words (and those of others who also spoke) were touching. Uncle N was a good man.

My memories of Uncle N are those of a tall, kind of beefy, man with a booming voice and a big personality. He also had a wonderful smile. That’s how I would like to remember him.

I took some time off to go to his funeral tomorrow, and bid him farewell, for now. I am sure he is watching from heaven, watching over his beautiful wife and the grown boys he is very proud of, and sending his love to them.

Employee Appreciation Day at work! Free ice cream! Yay! Life is short! I ate dessert first! 😁🍦

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