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I am grateful for the hardest working machine in my life, besides my iPhone… my Acer Aspire laptop. In a previous post, I called it my “hardworking document manager, keeper of secrets, and information gatherer.”  I think it is nearing its last leg, but it has been a wonderful (and relatively cheap) companion.  It has lasted quite long as well, as I purchased it nearly 4 years ago, and got it for a little over $200 with tax during a holiday sale at Target. I remember calling the store to verify they had some after seeing it on the weekly ad, dropped by the store, purchased it, and I was out of the store in like 5 minutes.  LOL.

I do have another laptop I could use, if my Aspire should expire (you know I had to rhyme that, I had to!).  I try not to use it online for fear of having to re-image it again from a virus.  I use this laptop mainly for writing.  My Acer Aspire is my work horse.  The one that could do it all, and when it does decide to stop working, I will truly miss it.  Hmm… perhaps I should remove the plastic protective stickers, don’t you think?  Sigh…

I am grateful that my Acer Aspire laptop is still semi-functioning, and is still holding on. It has been so good to me.

Some of my friends and I gathered together for Sunday Brunch in honor of the holidays.  It was held in Oakland, California at Scott’s Seafood Restaurant.

The brunch offered four different selections of salmon (I gravitated towards the smoked and fresh), roasted prime rib, ham, jambalaya, gumbo, four different kinds of eggs benedict (the crabcake one was the bomb), the usual sausage, bacon, and scrambled eggs (with cream cheese and salmon), different quiches, seafood and mushroom pie, pastries, decadent dessert bar, fruits, and cheeses.  Our server was Marco Antonio who kept our champagne glasses topped off with mimosas, and I was cajoled to use my bedroom voice to lure and thank Marco Antonio for his generosity with the champagne and overall great service.

While the food was pretty good, the company was even better.  We traded stories and caught up with each others’ lives.  We met at 10:30 a.m. and It was nearly 3:00 p.m. when we parted.

I am grateful to have spent some precious time with my friends.


Scott’s Seafood Restaurant

(for 12/22/13)

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