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20140817-184120.jpgOne of the “must do” in Lily Dale for me was to visit the Healing Temple. As an energetic healer, I wanted to know how others healed–as I have never seen another healer work before.

The other, and most important, reason I wanted to visit the Healing Temple was to receive healing. Not for myself, but for my Mom and Uncle M.

I was able to visit the Healing Temple on my last day in Lily Dale. I had visited it a few hours earlier to tie prayer ribbons on the Prayer Tree, but I have never observed or sat for a healing outside of the Spiritual training I received over the weekend.

When it was my turn, I prayed and opened myself to be a vessel for healing. The Healer and I prayed, and then I felt the heat from
Healer’s hands, even when they didn’t touch me. I felt warmth enclosed me. Afterwards, we did a closing prayer of thanks.

I had transferred the healing portion to my Mom a few days ago, and today, I visited Uncle M with Auntie J to transfer the second portion.

Uncle M is doing better. He no longer needs assistance with his breathing, but he still has a trach. We know this will be a very slow healing process for him, but we are hopeful, and I am hoping that this effort will add to what I am doing.

20140810-000105.jpg300 gratitude posts! How fast time flew! In 65 more days, I would check off another bucket list item, but the wonderful feeling for me was that I have found 300 unique but personal things, experiences, and ways to honor people. Gratitudes have changed my life in tremendous ways.

Another life changing experience occurred during training today. Today was one of the hardest, yet satisfying training and learning experiences I have ever encountered in my life. For one thing, I have found the name of the way I do my healing. I also received healing from others, which I have never experienced before. I was always the one healing.

The growth I am experiencing through the training has been intense, and my life will never be the same.

forgiveThere were many things I was grateful for today.  For example, I called into a virtual weekly meeting (where they take attendance) about 2 minutes late, and I swear, a second after I called in, my name was called. No one knew I called in late.  I thought that was super sleek and cool! I couldn’t stop smiling.   😉

Yet, while mulling which of the things I wanted to record in my blog tonight, I realized that in the space of 24 hours, I spoke about forgiveness and love to three different people dealing with three different situations and conflicts.

On the road to self-love, one of the things I worked on, and continue to work on, is forgiveness. I asked for forgiveness from others (even for very small infractions). I did my best to personally asked for forgiveness.  For those, I couldn’t reach for any reason, I asked for forgiveness in my heart. I try to daily forgive myself and a list of people I need to forgive.  I say this either inwardly or out loud in private.  Eventually, any pain from those I need to forgive goes away and the list gets shorter.

I think I was just surprised that I had shared this method of forgiveness without even thinking about it.  I suppose forgiveness was something three different people may have needed to hear.  But I did write earlier that I also spoke about love.

Last week, I spoke to a friend, JB, about how hard it was for me to be in the company of someone who was constantly negative.  I had happened to be getting a ride from someone, M, and as soon as I climbed into the car, she just started to talk about things in a negative way.  Pretty soon, I started to feel stressed.  JB advised that I should visualize giving M love and healing from my heart to help ease the pain she was feeling that is keeping her thinking negative.

The three situations were the following:

Situation 1:  P has a very difficult relationship with her mother.  She has dealt with decades of verbal attacks from childhood to adulthood. She would excuse herself when she would take calls from her mother because she doesn’t want any of her friends to feel her stress and the negativity from those calls.

Situation 2:  A is still dealing with a very difficult divorce and her ex-husband, instead of focusing on the kids and their well-being, finds every moment to blame A for anything and everything and continue to be verbally abusive towards her.

Situation 3:  PS has had increasing difficulty with her Mother-in-law, who had recently just said some bad things about her parents.

What I had advised:

For all three, I asked them to consider forgiving themselves and the person that is hurting them.  I asked them to do this for at least three weeks (I can’t remember where I read the timing from, but it could be from a book by Louise L. Hay).  I also asked them to visualize themselves giving love from their heart to this person.


1. You will have a change of perspective within a few days or by the 21st day.  You will see this person in a more positive light.

2.  The other person will change their perspective towards you, through your effort of forgiveness and love.

3.  A miracle will happen… Both #1 and #2 occur.

I asked all three to try the exercises of forgiveness and love, and to let me know what happens.  I know from personal experience that something wondrous will occur.

Today, I am grateful for forgiveness. As Don Miguel Ruiz said, “forgiveness is an act of self-love.”  By forgiving others, you ease out of your anger and suffering, and you allow yourself to heal.

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