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imageI was going to go in a different direction today, until that is, I turned on the TV, and it was the MasterChef Junior finale…

Wow! The kids on MasterChef Junior were incredibly inspiring, and the two finalist were fantastic.  Nathan Odom, 12 years of age vs. Andrew Zappley, 11!  I am not going to spoil this for anyone who still wants to watch the finale, but I just have to give props to these two kids!  (And to all kids who are following their culinary dreams right now and wowing everyone!)

Disclaimer: The images are collaged from Fox’s MasterChef Junior’s site.

Yay! It’s here! My renewed passport is here! Time for new adventures!

imageI requested extra pages, so hopefully I will be able to fill it up!

imageIt has been a very long time since I’ve done a good long walk, but I became excited once I saw this view from the path… about 2 miles from my starting point, because I knew I was near!


And this was my reward… a place of serene beauty where I was able to reflect, breathe in some clean air, stretch, meditate, and pray.  So grateful for this amazing views.

Be brave! Be fierce! Be open! Be love!

imageThank you cards for some special people taking me out for yet another birthday celebration!

(For 02/20/15)

imageHave you ever purchased something really awesome, but realized later on that maybe it was meant for someone else?

I really love the message on this wall art, but it has been in it’s box for many months. Why didn’t I put it up already?

Shortly after purchasing it, I realized that one of the ladies at work had a print out of this saying on her wall. I think we bonded a little because of it.

Every time I thought of this art frame or the words, she would pop in my mind. Every time I would see her, I thought about the art frame. More so now since I have been feeling a little sad because her husband is battling cancer and I find myself not knowing what to say.

I have decided to gift this art frame to her, and I hope that somehow it will help her during this most difficult time in her life.


I was chatting with one of my cousins regarding one of my issues. There are some guys that I don’t feel comfortable with–whether at work and outside of it.

Usually, I can tolerate a lot (and I mean A LOT) until I feel like I have to take some measures.

As I was explaining my situation, my cousin said that the problem was that I am too nice.

She had experienced the same thing, and that my being nice could sometimes be an encouragement to others.

Since I usually smile, divert, and just remove myself from the situation quickly when I feel uncomfortable… that by not saying anything about what’s making me uncomfortable… I was actually perpetuating my situation.

I think that this is another tough lesson for me to learn from, and is an important part of self-care and standing up for myself.




Having had an experience with a spine issue before, when a new persistent pain at a different site pops up along it, it becomes a scary thing. Luckily, I received a message from my Spine Specialist that my recent MRI and X-Rays show that things are normal. I am also glad that I am better at caring for myself and instead of waiting for things to get many times worse, I get things checked sooner.

imageSomething cute happened today! It was something that brought a smile to many faces.

I was going to throw a smal cup into a Minion trash can, but a young toddler, following his dad, was about to pass in front of me, pushing a kid’s shopping cart. However, he got distracted by the Minion, stopped, and gave the Minion a hug! Aw!

His dad, however, was aghast and exclaimed, “That’s a trash can!” LOL!

Wasn’t that adorable? 😁

imageI am grateful that I can turn to Super Soul Sunday — a place where I can get my Spiritual fix.

I learn something new each time I watch an episode — always pertinent to what I am facing to get validations and receive important reminders.  It is a go-to for me as I walk my Spiritual path.

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