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20140727-212531.jpgMy cousin, my toddler niece, and newborn nephew came over, and spent the afternoon with me.

It was… Wow! Tiring to be at the beck and call of a toddler, but I wouldn’t change it for the world! It was fun, too.

Baby M is so cute! Babies, most particularly boy babies (family or strangers), love to look at and watch me for some reason. When he couldn’t see me and smile at me, he cried. I joke that my angels must be playing with him.

I am grateful for time spent with family today.

>20140626-201851.jpgTwo younger cousins just moved here to California, so they are here locally for a few days to visit before settling in another city. They are very into the K-pop culture, so I made Samgyeopsal for them. I am grateful for time with them.

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