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20140523-164044.jpgWhen I saw the little leaf, I wanted to pluck it to admire it, but I saw the other and bigger leaves, and thought it would be wrong to do so, because then the baby leaf wouldn’t be able to grow and become bigger and mature.

As I walked away, my mind drifted to a situation in my life that seemed to either become stagnant one day or go backwards for me the next, even when it had started to look up. Somehow, during my walk, my mind went back to the little leaf, and I realized that maybe my situation is still a baby, and still needed to grow… Like some things were needed to come into play before my situation could fully unfold.

Divine timing has been something I have been learning, and I think maybe, I received a lesson today. Thank you, Little Leaf! 🌱

20140419-073839.jpgHave you ever met someone with whom you have a strong connection with?  That must be a soul mate.  Soul mates come as a parent, a friend, a sibling, a lover, or a stranger.  They stay for all of your life or even just for a moment.

When I was younger, I used to believe that soul mates bring love, joy, happiness, and only good things, but I came to know the real truth… They come to give opportunities for growth, and these opportunities can be good, bad, or even in between.  They make you look at yourself, and face a choice–change and grow, or remain the same.

I have someone in my life that bring me a lot of growth. He doesn’t realize what I mean when tell him I am grateful to him because I am growing so much…becoming much more aware.  When we interact, I get a chance to test all that I have learned.

Starting on Thursday, I started to have a hard time with just going with the flow.  With this man, I started to become anxious.  I tried to do my best to keep busy and meditate, and not feel so anxious. By Friday, my anxiousness grew too much. When I heard from him, with a change of plans, I chose to respond with fear.  After going through what happened for the umpteenth time, I realized that things became weird because of a lot of misunderstandings.  Then I felt a deep sorrow for what had happened.

Fear is a terrible thing.  A terrible thing indeed.  It makes you do stupid things.  I realized just how much I still had to work on, because of fear.  How much more I had to face, and to break.

Going with the flow was hard the last couple of days. I had to do A LOT of work to get back to it. A LOT of work on self-love, on self-worth, on forgiveness…  I had to get back to the flow, so I reached in, and made a choice to get up from my fall.

My mom and Aunt decided to watch the movie, Heaven Is For Real, last night, and had a ticket for me too.  It was a good rendition of the book, and made me feel better about things, having watched something so wholesome and good.  I was able to sleep well, with dreams still to sort through, but it brought new understanding this Easter day.

Today’s Finding The Flow mediation on “finding consciousness,” helped, as well as the gathering with family.  The path to surrender and going with the flow has not always been easy for me, but I choose to continue with this journey, and continue to learn to trust.


I have decided to work on a bucket list item.  This one is pretty hard and is a Soulful Adventure.  I won’t tell you yet what I am working on, but I want to let you know so that you can be my witness.

I have decided to do this for 30 days, with the first day starting tomorrow, January 6. I will be journaling my experience each day.  If I extend it, it means two things for me…  1. I am having a hard time with it and really need to make more of an effort or 2. I am seeing some real learning and growth, and I want to experience more.  I will give you a brief  report on the 30th day with either what I have learned and accomplished, or if I need to extend this venture and why.

This is a very hard bucket list item for me, but I have decided to really be present for it.  There might be tears, but there might be a lot of smiles as well, but there will be a lot of soulful growth and learning for me, and possibly, another positive change in me.

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