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20141004-154017.jpgI am grateful that the muse is back. I’ve had to set it aside for years, but I have been feeling the want and need to follow my dreams, and I have answered the call. I am thankful for that.

(For 10/04/14)

20141002-080242.jpgI really am grateful for the movie, The Bucket List, because it reminds me how short life is and how we should really live it fully and joyfully. It’s been on lately, and every time I watch it, I learn something new.

“When you look at life retrospectively you rarely regret anything that you did, but you might regret things that you didn’t do.” –Jack Nicholson

20141001-210927.jpgI am grateful for the dish I love to cook and eat–Sichuan Boiled Fish!

20141001-203932.jpgI am grateful for a new favorite! Spiced Apple Cider Tea by Teavana. So good!

(For 9/30/14)

20140929-194214.jpgI just started to read it, and I think I will love this book. I am grateful for the stories of Paulo Coelho. They make me think and reflect a lot.

20140928-171207.jpgI am grateful to hang out and have fun at a friend’s party with great food, roaring fire, s’mores, and great friends, mostly since Junior High.

20140928-170356.jpgI am grateful to have attended the Asian Health Services Gala, benefiting community health services.

(For 9/27/14)

20140926-181542.jpgI am grateful for rain. I love the sound of it as it hits the window panes and roof, and I am sure the trees and plants outside are gobbling it up–since we have such a drought problem here. I love how it cleans the air, but more so, how it makes snuggling in bed so much more cozy!

20140925-171614.jpgI am proud of and grateful for my team of 15 as we sorted, packaged, and boxed donated items at one of the local food banks. We did all this work in the space of 3 hours!

I am grateful for Spa Day to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After, we all had a late lunch!

Sadly, I forgot my leftovers! 😔

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