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20141013-205422.jpg“Feeling gratitude and not expressing it is like wrapping a present and not giving it.”–William Arthur Ward

Today marks day 365 of my 365 days of gratitude project. Besides completing a bucket list item, I can honestly say that this gratitude project has changed my life, for the better…

Knowing how much gratitude has gifted me with a different perception about myself, others, and the world around me, how can I stop? 😁

So to another 365 days of gratitude! 💕

20141012-091830.jpgHow did I miss it! My blog turned a year old, and I missed it. LOL! Busy-ness, Life, et al… Ah, the trappings of life!

I am grateful I found this notification as a reminder of how much I do love my blog–eventhough I haven’t spent as much time on it lately–save for my gratitude journal which is reaching a year! Wow!

I also miss visiting your blogs and reading your posts, too. I was glad I had some moments to visit some blogs this morning. Soon though, I will have more time to do so. I can’t wait to visit yours and read your latest thoughts, poems, and stories!

20141011-183328.jpgI am grateful that we (my brother, sister, and I) had a chance to celebrate dinner with Mom for her birthday. We shared this bountiful dinner. The prime rib was a huge slab. LOL!

20141010-122918.jpgI just attended an Aunt’s funeral. My cousins are now orphans. I can’t even imagine what they are going through. My heart goes out to them. I am grateful to have been there for them.

It is yet another reminder of how short life is, and another reminder to live it joyously and without regrets.

May you all live your life as happily as you can. My blessings to each of you and your loved ones.

I am grateful that I didn’t misplace my work mobile phone! It was securely hanging out in one of my drawers! Yay!

20141008-204008.jpgBacon Spinach salad with poppy seed dressing! Oh Yum!

I am grateful that my Acupuncturist is back from vacation. Due to some scheduling issues and her vacay, I have not seen her for over a month and a half. So when she saw me, my back was like a rock!

Luckily, she had a new Massage Therapist for me to try–a former doctor in China who specialized in spines–who was able to deal with some tensed up muscles. Yay!

(From 10/7/14)

20141008-203118.jpgI am grateful for Dropbox! I use it all the time now!

(For 3/6/14)

20141008-202156.jpgCelebrated my Mom’s and Sis’s birthday early with brunch and a movie with a GDO!

(For 3/5/14)

20141004-161904.jpgI am grateful for all of Gabrielle Bernstein’s books, and I just started Miracles Now.

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