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20140829-101710.jpgI have been dealing with something hard. So I asked, “How can I get out of my pain?”

And I received…

“Give it to God”

Image/card from Sonia Choquette’s “The Answer Is Simple” Oracle Cards.

20140713-224633.jpgOn the current windy road that is my spiritual path at the moment, I want to take this moment to give thanks to Spirit, The Divine, God, Higher Power, The Mystery, God/Goddess (however you call The One) and his many helpers: The Guides, The Angels, The Archangels, etc.

The lessons I am learning right now–which occupies a great chunk of my present life, has been tremendous and tumulus, but I am strong and keeping strong because of Him and His Helpers.

Thank you.

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20140506-130931.jpgThank you for the wonderful day you have given to me, God! Thank you for each gift, blessing, and miracle today.

Thank you for the steamed pork in egg custard I had for breakfast. Thank you for leading me to the recipe.

Thank you for helping me find that marinated flank steak at the supermarket the other day. I cooked it last night so I could take some to work today. It was very delicious, and oh so tender! A great match to the steamed broccoli and the brown rice mixed with wild rice.

Thank you for flaming hot Cheetos! They take the itchy, scratchy throat away from allergies. I’m glad they come in little bags, or I’d be in trouble! 😉

Thank you for a chance to sit outside and be warmed by the sun.

I saw some of your beautiful creatures, while I was sitting in front of the fountain, during lunch. A dragonfly, with shimmering, luminous blue wings, circled twice. I managed to take a picture each of your squirrel and your crow drinking from the fountain. I wish I was able to take a picture of your tiny hummingbird, in front of the water of the fountain, as it took a drink. What a brave, tiny bird! Thank you for reminding me that if we have courage, we can do many things, even face a raging waterfall!

Thank you for the beautiful, yellow butterfly with black dots and tips! It allowed me to slow down and appreciate your beautiful creation in action.

Thank you for a flash of wings of a bird in the garage to remind me to slow down as I made my way out of the parking garage.

Thank you for another wonderful session with my Acupuncturist today. I know you brought us together so that I can fully heal.

Thank you for a chance for me to meet up with one of my closest friends for dinner. It was at a Japanese restaurant. You know how I love sushi!

Thank you for all the love and kindness I received this day, and I hope I was able to also give in kind.

I love you, God! Thank you for loving me back!

Thank you in advance for an even amazing day tomorrow!

I am grateful for my Uncle O. and Auntie R. who love me so much, they woke up at 4:00 a.m. to take me to the airport for my early morning flight.

I am grateful to hear Bruno Mars’ song, “Treasure,” soon after requesting a song for inspiration from God.

I am grateful for this tasty meal at the airport. It really warded off the cold, but it really looked like it was staring at me while I ate! ;D

I am grateful for my friend G., who picked me up from the airport!

I am grateful for my Mom and Sis who took care of my mini panther while I was away.

I am grateful to know that my friend, R., looked well when I visited the hospital, and may be discharged soon.

I am grateful for the chance to help my friend, S., with her CD release party, and to have watched a fantastic show!

(For 10/27/13)

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