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20140928-171207.jpgI am grateful to hang out and have fun at a friend’s party with great food, roaring fire, s’mores, and great friends, mostly since Junior High.

20140802-235256.jpgI am grateful that we had a friends gathering to celebrate a birthday.

My dinner consisted of a mixed grill of McCormack rack lamb over a bed of mixed herbed bulgur and pistachios and baked plums.

20140704-190035.jpgFun times hangin’ with great people, eating amazing food, drinking (whew! rather strong) sangrias, trading stories, and later, more fun viewing fireworks on the roof! Happy 4th of July!

20140704-164952.jpgHappy to make lumpia shanghai (chicken and shrimp) with good friend, S, and her nevvie, R, for a 4th of July gathering!

20140624-223722.jpgI am grateful for an evening out with great friends, great food, tantalizing conversation, and ice cream for dessert as we strolled off the calories we ate!

Party with my work friends. Sorry but what happens at my friend’s casa stays there, but this makes me happy! So cute! Happy tail!

20140526-232304.jpgSpent a fabulous day with friends!

20140522-205358.jpgI was grateful to hang out with my good friend, S‘s, extended family once we disembarked in Seattle. From a previous post, about six of her family members ended up not going on the cruise. There was a lot of sadness regarding that, so Saturday was a big get-together and reunion.

We thought that we were free from the non-stop eating temptation we had on the cruise, but S‘s cousin’s house had a kitchen that was open 24 hours. We were served nachos, noodles, pastas, fruit platters, veggie platters, and barbeque.  Ah, the food baby!

I was very grateful also that I was very much looked after and cared for.  I was treated like one of the family, and was even teased mercilessly as some of S‘s cousins tried to match make me with some of the guys they knew. How did that happen anyway? HaHa

Note: For 5/17/14

20140504-082125.jpgSharing food creations with friends!

#100HappyDays #happy #Sharing #Friends #Food

I am grateful for family and friends, and the sharing of prayers of healing with each other.

I am grateful for yummy chawanmushi, and in sharing it.

I am grateful to hang out with my siblings.

I am grateful for clean sheets. 😉

I am grateful for rest.

Tomorrow, I will be grateful for another day, with new adventures to be had!

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