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20140528-201548.jpgA new wall art and reminder!

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20140522-103445.jpgEach sick person I have visited. Each funeral I have attended so far. Each death I have heard about… Life is so short. Live well. Forgive now. Love completely. Cherish each other and each moment you spend with your loved ones. Tell your loved ones you love and care for them before it’s too late. Be brave! (Something I am working on myself…)

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Tell Them Today

I have decided that it is time to write a letter of forgiveness to myself. I am ready to let go of things that I haven’t yet forgiven myself for–the stuff that has kept me a bit of a prisoner still inside.

I have been putting this off for a few weeks now, but tomorrow is my birthday and it’s time for a new beginning. So after I post this, I will continue to handwrite my letter of forgiveness–something long overdue, but truly needed to set myself completely free and to truly live my life fully…

I am grateful for the forgiveness process and for now being ready to forgive myself.

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