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imageI had a yummy, Vietnamese dinner with some of my closest friends to celebrate my birthday. I had a drink called a “Hanoi Hottie,” which was super spicy from muddled jalapēnos.  The fried catfish and the bouncing beef were the best.


R gave each of us a button purchased from the cupcake shop to represent us. The bottom two were for me.  S had brought this cute, mini pedestal for the cupcake.  How cute!

Cupcakes from “Love At First Bite” cupcake shop for dessert.

imageI chose this one because of the design. The little balls were malt balls, to my surprise, atop a chocolate cupcake with butter cream icing.  I believe this was the best one according to taste and design.  We cut it into quarters to taste.  That would have been enough for me, but they kept cutting more cupcakes–for a total of 6!  Oh, the sugar overload!  I was not used to all the sugar!

I am grateful to R, S, and G for the gift of their friendship, this celebratory dinner, and the gift to “Kitchen On Fire”– to help me expand my culinary knowledge and skills!  Thank you!

(For 2/20/15)

20141001-210927.jpgI am grateful for the dish I love to cook and eat–Sichuan Boiled Fish!

I am grateful for Spa Day to celebrate a friend’s birthday. After, we all had a late lunch!

Sadly, I forgot my leftovers! 😔

20140917-221303.jpgSometimes, a simple meal hits the spot just right! I am grateful for Korean and Chinese banchan (side dishes) over rice, eaten bibimbap-style with roasted seaweed and miso soup.

>20140916-214141.jpgI am grateful for this hot pot dinner with the family!


I am grateful for playing with my food and being creative!

Chirashi with salmon (sake), salmon roe (ikura), yellowtail (hamachi), and abalone salad (iso chiri awabi).

Sashimi plate with salmon, yellowtail, and salmon roe.

Amuse bouche of salmon roe ans quail egg yolk.

Salmon poké with salmon roe.

20140903-205248.jpgI am grateful for sushi takeout, grilled shrimp, and grilled sea scallops.

20140820-210343.jpgi am grateful for this dinner!

20140816-193554.jpgI am grateful for great Hunan food. 😁

20140803-132523.jpgI am grateful to have treated my cousin (with Toddler, A, and baby, M) and my sister to yummy dim sum. (Alas, the Chinese broccoli didn’t make the collage cut.)

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