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20140531-092952.jpgGraduation Day for my cuz, N! Congratulations!

20140522-205358.jpgI was grateful to hang out with my good friend, S‘s, extended family once we disembarked in Seattle. From a previous post, about six of her family members ended up not going on the cruise. There was a lot of sadness regarding that, so Saturday was a big get-together and reunion.

We thought that we were free from the non-stop eating temptation we had on the cruise, but S‘s cousin’s house had a kitchen that was open 24 hours. We were served nachos, noodles, pastas, fruit platters, veggie platters, and barbeque.  Ah, the food baby!

I was very grateful also that I was very much looked after and cared for.  I was treated like one of the family, and was even teased mercilessly as some of S‘s cousins tried to match make me with some of the guys they knew. How did that happen anyway? HaHa

Note: For 5/17/14

20140521-210850.jpgSomething new for my wall! I am trying to figure out where to hang it so that it is very visible as soon as someone enters my home.

I want my home to always be full of love and hugs, so everyone who visit will always feel cared for, loved, and a part of me. 🙂

#100HappyDays #Happy #Love #Hugs #Wallart

I am grateful for family and friends, and the sharing of prayers of healing with each other.

I am grateful for yummy chawanmushi, and in sharing it.

I am grateful to hang out with my siblings.

I am grateful for clean sheets. 😉

I am grateful for rest.

Tomorrow, I will be grateful for another day, with new adventures to be had!

20140425-222446.jpgI took this photo a couple of days ago as we headed to the entrance of a church. I looked up and to me it looked like two hands reaching for each other. It may be farfetched, but with imagination, it might work. 😉

I am grateful this evening to have been given a chance to visit an old family friend, Uncle N. He is Uncle M‘s old classmate when they were kids in the home country, so there is a lot of history.

Uncle N is battling cancer and is now in hospice care. It hurts to see him in pain, but his family is all around him, and he is surrounded by much love.

I was able to catch up with two of his older sons, who are slightly older than me. We had some good memories when we happened to meet up growing up. The younger of the two was my partner for my cousin’s cotillion party, helped me with math problems (weird fractions) during practices for the cotillion, and was my partner for one of my High School dances. I am glad that they are both well.

May this family be surrounded with love, and may good memories ease the pain in their hearts, during this most difficult time.

20140424-174443.jpgI had a sweet recollection today of when I was a child studying Mandarin and Fukien. I received an ink stone and some ink sticks, like pictured above from a Chinese Script painting set I bought a long time ago.

I was about five years of age, when I received them. They were not regular ink stone and ink sticks. They were very delicate, and when you grounded the ink stick with a bit of water into the ink stone, a beautiful scent from the ink would permeate the room.

They were probably a very expensive thing to give to a child, but I believe it was to encourage me to do my best with my Chinese scripting.

I believe I first used them with my paternal grandfather as I watched him use his. My dad’s younger brother, my late Uncle R, helped me practice my Chinese, especially cramming before tests. HaHa! I miss them so much today, but am grateful for all the time I was able to spend with them.

20140420-144039.jpgI am grateful for a wonderful day with family.  Today is such a beautiful day in Northern California.  Outside, it is warm, but there is a beautiful cool breeze.

We have a potluck today, and I always enjoy my time with family.  My family is crazy funny, loving, and always laughing and joking.  New friends who come over to our parties leave as part of the family, and always thoroughly fed.  It is always a boisterous and fun time, even if we are just eating, watching a basketball game, or just simply being there, hanging out.

Today is the first day of my 100 Happy Days project, and my photo entry is the rambutan (pictured above) from Hawaii.  This is a South Asian fruit, almost like a lychee.  My mom has a co-worker who procures wholesale fruit from all over the world, so through this connection, we are able to eat some yummy tropical fruits.

The rambutan, as mentioned, is like a lychee, but it is much delicate in texture and taste.  The skin isn’t spiky, but is hard.  You have to squeeze the top of the fruit until the skin tears in half, and then you peel the skin off.  The majority of the fruit is the core or seed, so for the size of the fruit, you really only get a small amount of fruit, but it is worth it.  If you have a chance to try it, try to pick the ones that give way to the touch, but snap back, that means, it is just the right ripeness.

I hope you have a wonderful Easter Sunday.

I am grateful for Family Support. When someone is sick, the family comes together. It was a little rough when an aunt had to go to the ER this morning, but she has a lot of support (we fill up waiting rooms with our solidarity and support). She is home now and is resting.

BBQ! We had a huge family BBQ in honor of my Uncle and Auntie coming from Vancouver. It had been ages since my mom’s brothers were all together, so the youngest brother had opened up a Johnny Walker blue label to toast the moment. They shared with us too, and learned that really good whiskey go down smooth.

It is always a gratifying experience to spend the day with those I love, so I am grateful.

(For 3/16/14)

I am grateful for more family visitors! My Uncle O and Auntie R drove down from Vancouver, and is surprised by how hot it is in California! What’s up with the weather? I am sad that my favorite season, Winter, wasn’t much of a Winter.

However, it will be a great night tonight!

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